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Nissan Frontier Cup Holders

When you want to update or replace the cup holders in your Nissan Frontier, you can get the ones you want rather simply. Each of the specific types of products is engineered from top-of-the-line materials that are rugged and look great. There are many types available no matter which year your Frontier was built.

What types of cup holders are there for Nissan trucks?

There are three types of drink carriers to choose from for the Nissan Frontier truck. Each type could provide you with the look and style you want. The three types are aftermarket branded, genuine OEM, and unbranded products.

The aftermarket branded items are made by manufacturers that are not specifically in business with Nissan. They create the products that will resemble the original parts from the Nissan Frontier. The genuine OEM items are made by Nissan for their trucks and crew cabs. The unbranded products are the basic type of product. All should work well, if they are made for your particular model year.

Which companies make cup holders for the Nissan Frontier?

There are quite a few companies that design and produce the aftermarket branded products for the Nissan Frontier. Some of these companies include:

  • Aftermarket Products
  • OxGord
  • JSP
  • FH Group
  • Dorman
What are cup holders made of?

The majority of the items for the Frontier are made of rubber or plastic. Plastic is predominantly used to produce the actual casing of the units. Rubber is typically used as an added feature to improve the fit of the carriers.

A good way to find the right one for your Nissan is to check the owner's manual to look for suggestions. The rubber inserts can be cleaned with soap and water, and they are usually removable. The resin portion of many carriers is usually affixed to the vehicle and cleaned with regular car cleaning products.

How are cup holders fitted to the Nissan Frontier?

Most of the Frontier trucks from Nissan have holders that are of similar size and shape. Some different models may have various features, but the design is typically the same. When replacing your existing drink holders, you have two basic options. The first option is the direct replacement method and the other choice is the performance style.

The direct replacement method is a reliable way to install your new products. Once the installation is complete, your drink holders should look just like they did when the vehicle was produced. If you want to add a little more style or change the location of the beverage carriers in your vehicle, you can do that with the performance method. When done properly, both styles will serve your purposes.