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Cup Holders for Nissan Altima

The Altima is a sedan from Nissan that can comfortably fit five people. You'll have plenty of room in your trunk for bags and luggage too. Replacing the holders in the back or console lets you carry drinks without worrying about spills.

What is a liner?

The liner is the most important piece in this system. It fits tightly inside the holder to prevent gaps and leaks. Often made from plastic, liners usually come in a black color that matches the original look of your Altima. Pockets inside this piece are deep enough to hold tall glasses and bottled water. You won't worry about accidents if you have to suddenly put on the brakes.

How important is the model or year?

Both model name and year are important when looking at Nissan replacement cup holders. Not all cup holder models will fit all Nissan Altima sedans, such as the CVT or the SV. Center models designed for older vehicles are larger in size. You'll find models that hold up to two cups with two slots for organizing change. Newer designs actually come with three slots that you can use for other types of drinks. Some versions of the CVT Altima require one that has a cut out for your shifter. This lets you shift into the right gear without knocking against your cups.

Are there replacement cup holders for the backseat?

While most models fit in the center console of the Altima, there are others designed for use in the backseat. The backseat of your sedan can fit up to three people. You'll find products that work with a flip-down piece in the backseat. This piece folds down from the front seat and folds back up to save space. Using an insert lets those in the back keep water and other drinks on hand. There are also aftermarket parts that fit the Nissan Altima and have space for charging phones and other devices.

What accessories work with these models?

Aftermarket companies make parts and accessories that work with Nissan vehicles, too. You can use these parts to give your ride a more customized look and to express your own interests.

  • Light pads: Light pads are small pads designed to fit inside the base of your holder. These shine light up and through the Altima to help you keep an eye on your coffee or water. Some use LED lights, but others use solar lights.
  • Light trim: Similar to pads, light trim pieces also produce light to help you see better. These pieces wrap around the sides rather than the base. You can see inside your Nissan vehicle without turning on the overhead lights.
  • Base covers: Base covers use fun decorations and logos from your favorite films and television shows. You can put one in the bottom to keep liquid from splashing out of your cup and damaging your car.
  • Full inserts: A full design comes in handy when you break or crack the plastic in your Nissan Altima sedan. It takes the place of your existing cup holder without requiring a total replacement of the part.