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Honda Odyssey Cup Holders

No more spilling hot coffee on yourself while you are driving or searching for your water bottle while your eyes are on the road. The Honda Odyssey minivan cup holders will give you safe and convenient access to all your beverages close at hand. If you are looking to replace your cup holders or add new ones, here is some information to consider before making a purchase for your Honda model minivan.

Why should you get cup holders for your Honda Odyssey?

Most vehicles have a cup holder for the driver, front, and two rear passengers. In some cases, however, there is a need for more. If there are extra people in the car, you do not want them holding their cup during the entire ride. If you have a cup of coffee and a bottle of water, you need an extra holder for the water. Also, there are many built-in cup holders that are not the right size for your favorite mug or can of soda. Extra cup holders will give you more options. Another reason to get extra cup holders is that they keep your Honda neat and organized. You do not want things dropping in the car or rolling onto the floor while you are driving your Odyssey. Do not search for your phone; instead, put it within reach in the extra compartment of the seat wedge cup holder.

What cup holders are available for the Honda Odyssey?

With so many options for removable cup holders on the market, you will not have trouble finding the right one for your Odyssey:

  • Portable seat wedge cup holder: This is a double cup holder with an extra center compartment for things like cell phones or wallets. They are easy to install because they wedge neatly and firmly into the seam next to the passenger's seat. The base has a creative design that accommodates four different sized cups, from a small espresso cup all the way up to your favorite coffee mug. They are made of sturdy plastic that will last a long time and can be easily cleaned. They are suitable for most car and truck models.
  • Air outlet mounting cup holder: This is a handy, universal cup holder that you can take anywhere. It clips right into the air outlet of most vehicles. They come in a variety of colors and are made of sturdy plastic. Cups, cans, and small bottles fit neatly into these handy holders.
  • Door mount cup and can holder: Cups, bottles, and cans fit perfectly into these holders. The lip of the holder wedges tightly into the window frame so you will have your beverage right next to you.
  • Seat back cup holder: If you need extra cup holders for the people in the back seat of your Honda Odyssey, these clip right onto the back of the front seat.