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Choosing the Right Engine Timing Components for Your Cummins Vehicle

If you are a mechanically minded person, you probably perform a lot of repairs and maintenance on your own vehicles. While new technologies are coming out all the time that make diesel engine breakdowns less and less common, things do still break. When timing components break or wear out on your Cummins vehicle, you need to be very careful when it comes to finding new ones; choosing the wrong parts for your diesel vehicle can cause all sorts of problems. 

What Sort of Problems Will Worn Timing Gear Cause? 

Keeping your diesel Cummins engine in sync is essential. If the engine's timing starts playing up, you will find yourself running into all sorts of problems. You might start using more fuel, your emissions might increase, or your valves or timing belts might start making noise, or they might break altogether. 

  • If the timing components of your engine start to wear out, your engine will start to idle roughly and misfire. Engines do not run roughly by design, and when they do, they burn more diesel. 
  • If your engine is running rough and not burning fuel efficiently, it will probably start to pump out a lot of nasty emissions in the form of smoke. Diesel is especially bad when it comes to emissions. 
  • When the timing of your engine gets way out, things will start breaking. Valves and pistons might break or start making knocking noises. If your valves and pistons aren't working well, then you are going to have a lot of trouble getting your vehicle going. 

What Sort of Timing Gear Am I Likely to Need? 

Timing kits components are wonders of modern engineering. They are excellent technologies which are now a vital part of every single car and truck on the road. Without these technologies, our vehicles simply wouldn't run. When it comes to finding parts and gear for your timing kit, stock parts are usually good enough. Some of the more common things that you will have to replace when your engine's timing starts to go downhill include: 

  • A new timing belt - If you catch the problem in time, this should be all that you have to replace. The timing belt is a wonder of modern engineering and is arguably the most important part of an engine. 
  • New valves - If you hesitate and don't get onto replacing the timing belt in time, your engines valves might be damaged. Although these are tough to replace, stock parts are fine, so it's not the end of the world. 
  • Pistons - This is where the problems really start. If you manage to cause damage to your engine's pistons, you will be looking at costly, time-consuming repairs. Try and catch the problem before then! 

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