Crib Toys

For many babies, crib toys will be some of the first toys with which they truly interact. Baby crib toys should have bright contrasting colors and easily capture your baby's attention. Depending on your intent, you will want the crib toys to be either soothing or stimulating.

At what age can children use crib toys?

These items can be used by newborns up through children over a year old. Some children continue to play with their crib toys long after they stop using their crib. Other toys, like musical mobiles, are meant for relaxing and inducing sleep, so they can be used into the toddler stage and beyond.

What are some types of crib toys?
  • Mobile - A mobile hangs over the crib and dangles small objects such as shapes or animals for your baby to look at. Sometimes, mobiles designed for babies will rattle. Mobiles help newborns learn to track movement and sound. Mobiles usually feature bright colors, movement, and soft music. You may want to occasionally change out the hanging items so that your baby does not get bored.
  • Soothing - These types of mobiles can be a great comfort to your baby and can help them learn to sleep through the night in their crib. These mobiles attach to the side of the crib and provide lights and lullabies to comfort to your baby. Some look like light-up aquariums, and some will even turn on automatically if your baby wakes during the night to help them fall back to sleep.
  • Lights - Night lights and other objects that shine lights on the ceiling can be helpful during the night. Some toys are plush toys that light-up that can be used by babies who are over a year old. These night lights will often also be musical.
  • Pleasing Sounds - Some babies rest more soundly with some sort of noise playing in the room. This noise can block out other sounds in the house that may wake your baby. Sound machines make white noise, like ocean waves or light rain, and often play music as well. Some babies will use sound machines long past their time in the crib.
  • "Lovie" Stuffed Toys - A lovie is usually a soft toy that your baby uses for comfort if he or she wakes in the night. This toy soothes your baby so that you do not have to wake up to comfort them. This will often become one of your baby's favorite toys.