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Your Guide to Creek Home Audio Amplifiers & Preamps

The Creek amplifiers and preamps in this collection can be the perfect solutions when you want to jam with your friends or play your favorite music at high volume. Learn everything you need to know about these amplifiers with this basic guide.

What are some examples of Creek amplifiers?

Creek makes a variety of different types of amplifiers, but two of the most renowned models are described below:

  • Creek Evolution 50A: The Evolution 50A or Evo 50A features an OLED display, and it has a power output of up to 85 watts. It has a maximum current of 26 amps, and it has parallel low impedance capacitors. This amplifier model is optimized to work with high-powered loudspeakers.
  • Creek Evolution 100A: The Evolution 100A or Evo 100A is Creek's flagship amplifier. It can produce up to 170 watts, and it features a crystal-clear OLED display. Its maximum current rating is 26 amps, and it can consume as many as 500 watts at full power. It is compatible with the Sequel mk2 preamp.
What's the difference between an amp and a preamp?

A preamplifier or preamp doesn't actually amplify audio signals; instead, it acts as a switch and ensures that the correct audio signals reach your amplifier. As the name suggests, the preamplifier takes an audio signal from a source and prepares it to be inputted into the amplifier. When you're using certain audio sources, if you don't use a preamp, you could potentially send too much amperage to your amplifier and damage it. In some cases, you may need a separate preamp for each type of audio signal that you send to your amplifier, but some preamps work with a variety of different audio signals.

How do you find the right Creek amp?

The most important factor to consider as you select a Creek amp is the size of the speakers that you want to use. If you're only planning to connect your amplifier to the types of speakers that you use at home, you might prefer a smaller model such as the Evo 50A. However, if you're planning to put on a show in a large venue or you have larger speakers for another reason, a heavy-duty model like the Evo 100A might be a better choice. Whichever model you pick, just make sure that you have the right preamp to filter your audio signal.

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