Get Your Day Started By Adding Milk to Your Coffee From a Collectable Milk Jug

If you enjoy using a little milk in your coffee, then starting a milk jug collection may be an excellent hobby for you. There are many possibilities, and when you collect new or used small milk jugs, you can build an extensive collection in a small area. Shopping for old-fashioned milk pitchers or small jugs for milk on eBay is a great way to start or add to your collection.

Some styles of milk jugs from around the world

Each part of the world has its unique jug style that has evolved:

  • England - Over 1,700 Staffordshire, England, potteries were making earthenware jugs by the late 1700s. In the late 1700s, many silversmiths, like John Schuppe, were making small milk jugs out of silver.
  • Wales - Many early small milk jugs were made in Swansea potteries. Many collectors specialise in tiny milk jugs, like those made by V&R Miniatures, that go with Wale's unique miniature houses.
  • Germany - Goebel, Royal Bayreuth, and Schafer and Vater made many collectable milk jugs. When shopping for small jugs for milk on eBay, you will also see jugs from the mid-to-late 1800s stamped “Germany” on the cow's belly with no way to identify their maker further. Workers created many German milk jugs from porcelain with early transfer pictures attached in a frame on the cow's side. You may also want to collect German ones made from .800 silver. Consider collecting humorous jugs created in the Rudolstadt region as well.
  • France - Starting about 1850, the French decorated many cows with leave patterns. Artists also made many called feves that bakers hid in King's cakes during Mardi Gras.
  • Czechoslovakia - Dating from the time when the Czech Republic and Slovakia were one country, this region made many cow head milk jugs. You can find small white jugs from this period where only the inside of the cow's ears is colored pink. Decorating a small jug with folk art was a common past-time.
Who were some manufacturers of collectable milk jugs?

Many companies around the world made a handful of jugs, but some made many jugs as a major part of their business, including:

  • Goebel - Most jugs from this German manufacturer that was founded in 1871 feature an oversized udder and brown spots on a white cow. You can find advertising milk jugs from this company for many American tourist attractions.
  • Schafer and Vater - This German company who may have stopped producing jugs for milk before the start of World War II is known for its velvety texture and very fine grain clay used in their pottery. They often made humorous designs, like standing cows dressed in clothes. Many collectors watch for their Mother Goose-themed milk jugs.
  • Fitz & Floyd - This United States manufacturer made many novelty milk jugs during the 1990s. You can often find fanciful settings including a milk jug from this company.
Are there any silver milk jugs?

Yes, there are many silver milk jugs. Many collectors specialise in collecting those made by John Schuppe and David Willaume II in the late 1700s. Others collect silver milk jugs from Tiffany & Co. who often applied a gold wash to their silver creamers.