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Crate Guitar Amplifiers

When you have an electric guitar, in order to get a great, resonant sound, it's important to have a quality amplifier. Sometimes, you can get a guitar amplifier combo, but when you do this, the amplified sound may not be what you want. When you run into this situation, getting a good Crate amplifier can really help you make all the noise that you want.

What channel effects can a product from Crate have?

Many people get their Crate product thinking that they can only control the volume, the tone, and the treble. Some even understand that you can get a bit of overdrive on some amps, but there are more effects available. Usually, many of these effects are available only on footswitch pedals that you may find on a pedal board. That being said, there are some devices from Crate that can grant you:

  • Distortion: If you want an overdriven tone that’s great for industrial metal, then seek a product that provides a distortion switch. Usually, the Crate amp models that have this feature will have this on a button. To access it, simply press it in, and you’ll access a channel that has more noise.
  • Wahs: This effect was prominent in the 1970s through its use by musicians like Jimmy Hendrix and Peter Frampton. This type of effect makes your strums emit a “wah” noise from the guitar amp. Usually, this effect will be on a knob or dial so that you can dial it back or increase it as you wish.
  • Tremolo: One of the effects for players of surf rock, an amplifier with a tremolo dial can be useful. This effect simulates the quick strumming of a string, which can save your fingers from fatigue.
  • Reverb: Want to add some echo to your strums? Finding Crate amplifiers that produce a reverb will add a ghostly tone to your music. This tone isn’t on all Crate amps, so check the cabinet before you make your decision.
  • Clean: Also known as the Fender clean effect, this effect is well-known for its use in surf rock. Some Fender amps have this effect as a default, but you can get this tone on many Crate practice amps, too.
Can an amp be used with an acoustic?

Technically, your amp can be used for playing acoustic guitar, but the guitar must have a cable hookup. Otherwise, you’ll have to convert the instrument to be playable on a guitar amp. If your instrument has the connection, then you can connect and experience a Fender clean effect, reverb, overdrive, or wahs.

What size options are there for a Crate cabinet amp?

A good Crate amplifier can come in a variety of sizing options. For example, a Crate CA30DG would be considered a midsized device. If you’re looking for a smaller, flatter amp head to combine with your main device, then try a Crate FW120H. There are many choices from Crate for amplification, so try to find the device that fits your music needs.

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