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A Guide to Buying Complete Crate Engines

Crate engines on eBay usually come fully assembled and ready to install. Purchasing a high-performance engine is a great way to increase the performance of your car or truck and save yourself time and energy. If you are planning on ordering an impressive complete crate engine on eBay, there are a few things that you'll need to know.

How does a performance crate engine work?

For the price, a crate engine is a great engine replacement option. Performance crate engines are the heart transplant of the automotive industry. They come fully assembled and ready to install the day they arrive. They can vary greatly in style and construction. Performance crate engines can replace the vehicle's entire engine and give it more torque and horsepower, among other things.

How do you purchase the right crate engine?

There are many new and used crate engines from many brands, including HP, Chevrolet, GM, and Ford. There are a few ways that you can tell if an engine will fit your vehicle, such as the following:

  • Make and model match - A crate engine can be made for a specific make and model of vehicle. Some crate engines are also designed for specific model years and trim levels. For instance, a GM engine will usually fit GM vehicles of a certain kind. This is also true for HP, Ford, and Chevy engines.
  • Interchangeable - Some of these engines can be fitted to similar vehicles in a variety of categories. These engines are a great option if you plan on tuning up your car and increasing its performance. If you have an interchangeable engine, it may fit a Ford, GM, or Chevy of similar styles. For instance, if you have a Chevy truck that is in a competing class with a Ford truck, there may be an interchangeable engine option for a specific year or class.
  • Custom - There are also custom engines that are built offsite and then shipped directly from a manufacturer.

What types of crate engines builds are there?

Apart from specific fits, these performance engines can come in a few different styles and builds. A few of these include:

  • Short-block - These are typically bare engine blocks that have a crankshaft, connecting rods, rings and pistons, soft plugs, and ram seals. Typically, they also come with rod bearings, main bearings, and cam bearings. They can also sometimes come with a camshaft and a drive.
  • Long-block - These are short-block engines that add cylinder heads, a valve train and cam components, and typically an oil pan. They can also have timing and valve covers installed. Occasionally, they will also include an intake manifold.
  • Turnkey - These are completely built engines that will everything listed in a long-block engine plus a carburetor, water pump, plugs, wires, drives, and some accessories. These may also include distributors. These engines can vary significantly in a number of factors, including material construction.