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Got one to sell?

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About Craftsman Riding Mowers 

Your drink is secure in the cup holder, and you hit a nice cruising speed of 5 mph. Used Craftsman riding mowers may not reach highway speeds, but they do turn a tedious household chore into a fun Saturday morning. When choosing the right model for your yard, take into consideration the size of the deck, which is the cutting width of the mower. Several riding lawn mowers offer a 42-inch deck, but for faster cutting time on a larger yard, consider upgrading to a 54-inch deck. Another consideration is the transmission, as used Craftsman riding lawn mowers come in hydrostatic, automatic, or manual transmission, and each option has its own pros and cons. Manuals are generally the least expensive of the three, but they usually take longer to mow an area if it requires several turns, or has obstacles, such as trees or rocks in the way. Automatics typically get the job quickly as they shift for themselves, but cost more than manuals. Hydrostatics shift with fluids rather than a clutch, making for an extremely smooth ride, but they require fuel and more maintenance than other transmission types. Used Craftsman riding mowers make a much easier time of a boring chore, and no matter the deck width or transmission you need, the sellers on eBay are constantly adding inventory so you can find just the right model.

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