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Women's Coyote Fur Coats and Jackets

Fur has been a traditional part of human life for tens of thousands of years. Coyote is still a popular choice for coats, jackets, shawls, hood linings, trims, and hats. Coyote fur is a warm and durable choice for winter fashion.

How can you identify a real coyote fur coat?

There are faux hides available that are such close facsimiles that they are difficult to distinguish from real ones, even by feel. Color and feel are not a good indication of whether a women's fur coat or jacket is real or not. Some fake hide is softer than the real thing. It can be dyed any color, and manufacturers are quite good at mimicking natural hide. Of course, if you have access to the back side of the fabric, you can see if it is leather underneath. Fakes will often have a knit fabric backing.

One way to tell is to take a magnifier and look at the ends of the fibers on the coat or jacket. If they taper to a fine point, much like a cat’s whisker or a sharp needle, it is a good sign that it is real fur. If the end is blunt, it is probably fake. Another way to test it is to burn a few hairs. If it has a chemical or plastic smell, the coat or jacket is fake. It will smell like burned hair if it is real.

Can coyote fur be dry cleaned?

When it comes to cleaning fur coats, many people ask if a coyote coat or jacket can be dry cleaned. It is recommended that a natural hide coat or jacket be cleaned by a professional that specializes in the cleaning of fur. It should not be taken to a regular dry cleaner. Many dry cleaners are not trained to clean natural hide properly. Dry cleaning chemicals can remove the natural oils in the fur and can cause the hair to fall out.

How should you care for natural coyote fur?

The first piece of advice for a women's fur coat or jacket is that it should not be hung in a garment bag, especially a plastic one. It needs air circulation or it will dry out and crack. Wearing hairspray and perfume that contain alcohol can dry out natural hides and cause them to deteriorate. Using pins or jewelry can wear a bald spot on the hide. Natural hide garments should be stored at 45 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% humidity.

If your coat gets wet or snowy, you should shake it out and remove as much water as possible. Hang it in a room with plenty of air circulation. You should never place a women's fur coat in a dryer; use a hair dryer or apply direct heat to it. You should not hang it above a furnace vent. Allow it to dry completely, then fluff it with your hand. Never comb or brush your natural hides. If it is thoroughly soaked through, you should take it to a professional who specializes in natural hides.