Western Cowboy Boots Can Help You Define Your Style

Whether you're working in the field or are interested in showing off your country roots, men's cowboy boots can be just what you need. Cowboy boots have been around for a long time, meaning that you may be able to find affordable used cowboy boots that match your preferences. eBay has new boots in addition to used men's cowboy boots for sale.

Which main features should I look for?

When shopping on eBay for men's cowboy boots, you'll have to consider what you like in terms of the following:

  • Toe shape: Traditional boots taper at the toe. Other versions are rounded or have a straight edge across the front. Those with the straight edge either have a square edge or a snip design, depending on whether the edge is wide or narrow.
  • Heel height: Cowboy boots have a heel so that they can fit in a stirrup correctly. Heels range from a half-inch to two inches.
  • Decor: Many boots have decorative stitching on the vamp, which is the part of the boot that lies above your foot, or the quarter, which is the part of the boot that covers your ankle and shin.
  • Material: Steer skin is a popular choice that is quite durable, and many of the less expensive men's cowboy boots will be made out of that material. Pigskin, horsehide, kangaroo skin, and faux leather are also used in work and dress boots. Premium boots may be made out of armadillos, alligators, lizards, or snakes.
What styles are there?

There are many kinds of western boots, including:

  • Classic western: With a shaft of 12 inches long, they have an iconic look and full coverage.
  • Shorty: As the name suggests, the shaft is shorter, typically around six to 10 inches.
  • Western workbook: Designed for people who are on their feet all day, they have flatter heels with more cushion.
  • Roper: These boots typically have rubber soles and are lighter than traditional boots.
  • Buckaroo: The Buckaroo is what you might wear if you really want to gain some attention. These boots stand out with a longer than average shaft, at around 14", and more distinctive stitching.
  • Stockman: This style will have a rubber sole in addition to a wider toe box and a large scallop/dip at the top.
What companies make cowboy boots?

You might find new or used cowboy boots for sale made by:

  • Justin
  • Durango
  • Roper
  • Old West
  • Ariat
  • Dan Post