Decorate Western-Style with a Classic Cow Skull

Whether you're decorating your home, your ranch house, or your Western lodge, a cow skull can help complete your look. Plain or decorated, new or pre-owned, a skull adds a distinctive touch. You can view a variety of these affordable cow skulls on eBay.

Are cow skulls all made from real cow head bones?

Check the product descriptions, but many skulls on eBay are made from real cow bones. Some artificially created cow heads are replicas made out of resin, plastic, ceramic, or other materials. The price of real bone may be different from the cost of resin or ceramic, depending on the condition, quality, or detail of the specific skull.

What kinds of design options do these skulls have?

eBay has a variety of design styles for a variety of decor preferences. Some cow bone possibilities include the following:

  • Classic plain skull - This traditional look typically features an authentic bone cow head ready for display without ornamentation. This variety is usually suitable for indoor or outdoor display.
  • Beaded skull - Some skulls for wall art are decorated with beads, silverwork, or jewels typically in a Southwest design that includes turquoise and coral elements covering all or part of the skull.
  • Tooled skull - Polyresin or bone skulls can be ornamented by intricate patterns or tooling on the cow skull's front or horns.
  • Painted skull - Skulls can feature painted designs that include abstract colors or frontier motifs such as wolves howling at the moon, cacti, or sunsets.
Do all cow skulls include horns?

Some skulls, including natural skulls and skulls made of polyresin, do come with horns. Horns come in a variety of lengths and styles from short and thick to Texas Longhorn-style. Some skulls do not include horns, however. Check the condition to verify whether horns are included.

What can you use a cow skull for?
  • Decoration - Of course, skulls are a classic choice for wall art in any Southwest-themed residence or business. They may also complement the decor of a business involved in outdoor work in the desert.
  • Coat or hat rack - The horns are a natural choice for hanging hats, coat, or purses. Check the specific product description because some horns may require gentle handling.
  • School or homeschool study - For biology, animal science, science projects, or homeschool study, a skull can provide valuable hands-on information about animal anatomy.