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Mazda 3 Car Covers

Covers that are available for your Mazda 3 provide your vehicle with protection from the elements. Some of these covers are designed as full-coverage items that will fit over your entire vehicle while others are designed primarily to be used for your windshield in order to protect the interior from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. These items are available from many brands, including Possbay, Coverking, and Air Pro.

What are some car cover features?

Covers for your Mazda can be equipped with a variety of features depending on the one that you select for your Mazda 3. Many of them are outfitted with an antenna patch that accommodates any antennas that you have attached to your Mazda 3, while some of these models come with a license plate window that keeps this area of your car uncovered. Almost all of these items are built with materials that allow them to be 100% water-resistant, providing you with the means of keeping your Mazda 3 outside when it is raining. Several of these items are equipped with non-abrasive siding that keeps the paint on your car scratch-free while others come with either a grommet hem or elastic hem.

What does universal fit mean?

When you are selecting one of these items for your Mazda 3, one term that you might notice is that of universal fit. When an item has been marked as a universal fit, this means that it is compatible with all model years of the Mazda 3, no matter which vehicle you have.

What materials are these covers made of?

These items can consist of a wide array of different materials, each of which works in a unique way to provide your Mazda 3 with protection.

  • Plastic: These make use of a plastic coated fabric that keeps rain off of your Mazda 3 by siphoning moisture away.
  • Polyester: This type of fabric is woven to provide a thin film and breathable barrier. This fabric is resistant to ultraviolet rays and includes protective polymers that keep away dust, bird droppings, and tree sap.
  • PU leather: This is a type of synthetic leather that is 100% waterproof and can be effectively dry-cleaned. It's also commonly used for Mazda 3 seat covers. This material is soft, light, and supple, which means that it will keep scratches away from your Mazda 3. It does not fade or crack under direct sunlight and is entirely biodegradable.
  • Vinyl: This type of fabric is commonly used for these types of covers due to the fact that it is waterproof, protects your car from ultraviolet rays, and is resistant against general wear and tear. Although the material is soft, it is also durable in its construction and is largely flame-resistant.
Which colors do covers come in?

These items come in a large variety of colors, the primary of which are black and silver. Additional colors that are commonly available with these Mazda 3 items include gray, green, blue, orange, red, white, and purple.