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Chevrolet Camaro Covers

Chevrolet Camaro car covers will help protect your vehicle from the harshest elements and garage hazards. They can fit all makes, models, and years of Chevrolet Camaros. The Chevrolet car covers come in many attractive colors and durable fabric options designed specifically for protecting your investment.

Whats the difference between indoor and outdoor Chevrolet Camaro covers?

Deciding between an outdoor cover or indoor cover for your Chevrolet may seem at first like an easy decision, but there are some factors you should consider. You may park your Chevrolet Camaro in your garage at home, but what about those hours it may sit in the sun when youre at work? Taking into consideration how many hours your car will be sitting outside or in a garage will help you decide which option would be most beneficial. The following information will help you choose which Chevrolet car cover style will best suit your needs.

  • Outdoor: This style is often made of a more durable fabric that will help protect your Chevrolet Camaro from an array of hazardous weather conditions. Itll offer a shield to keep your cars paint job safe and help protect it from bird droppings as well as dings and scratches. If you leave your vehicle outside for an extended period, you can feel comforted in knowing that your outdoor cover will protect your cars paint job from mishaps and bad weather.
  • Indoor: This type of car cover will protect your Chevrolet Camaro from any dangers of the garage. Dust and debris can wreak havoc on your cars paint job. An indoor car cover will help stop dust from settling on your vehicle. It will also protect the Camaro from accidental bumps that may occur in your garage or other parking structure.
Can you put your car cover in the washing machine?

Yes, you can clean most Camaro car covers in a washing machine. Before you wash your car cover, check the care instructions that came with it. In general, you can use mild soap and cold water to wash your cover. Doing this will thoroughly clean your car cover without damaging it. Also, make sure to air dry your cover unless the care instructions indicate otherwise.

Is there a correct way to install a Camaro cover?

Typically, you should always cover the rear and front bumpers of your Camaro as the first step. If your cover has mirror pockets, place them over your cars mirrors first. If you have an older Camaro, cover the windows and roof first. Then, cover the rear and front of your car.