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Car Covers for BMW 328i

Purchasing car covers contributes to protecting an investment in a BMW 328i. Without the cover in place, both the interior and exterior of the BMW may suffer from fading or other problems. With the right fit, a decent covering should keep the vehicle from experiencing sun-related damage.

Are there ways to secure the car covers in place?

Yes, a combination cable and lock ensures the cover remains affixed in place over a BMW328i or other model. Unlike seat covers, an exterior cover must deal with the impact of the element. Harsh winds could very well cause car covers to come loose. With accessories such as a cable and lock combo in place, the fabric won't come loose easily if at all.

What protective benefits are present in the design?

Car covers are designed to deliver many levels of protection, which lends support to the seat covers that may be inside the BMW 328i. Three top protective traits of the fabric layers include the following:

  • UV-treated material - The ultraviolet rays of the sun can have an enormous effect on the leather interior of a BMW. That impact may also be inflicted on the exterior as paint often loses its luster when overexposed to the sun's rays. Acquiring UV-treated coverings helps keep sunlight from causing unwanted harm on the indoor of your vehicle.
  • Water resistance - The notion that rainwater always helps to clean a car is a myth. Both rain and water splashed by passing vehicles can cover a new BMW 328i with mud. Snow and slush may bring forth corrosive salt. If this were to enter the inside of the car, a negative impact on the leather likely would result. With a water-resistant covering, the car can be kept safe from the impurities commonly found in water.
  • Mildew resistance - Mildew growth on an outdoor car cover isn't visually pleasing. Concerns also exist that the mildew may spread to the car, which would create major troubles. A BMW 328i car cover treated with a mildew-resistant finish prevents problematic and unsightly mold growth.
What accessories come with outdoor car covers?

Sometimes a storage bag may come with a BMW 328i car cover. After folding up the protective car covers, you can place it in the accompanying storage bag. Doing so protects the material from being impacted. By preserving the condition of the material, you ensure the BMW car cover succeeds in doing its job.