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Car Covers for Audi S5

Car covers can provide your vehicle with protection from the elements. If you want one for your Audi S5, you have a lot of choices available. Keeping a few questions in mind can help you find exactly what you need and help simplify the shopping process.

Which car cover options are available?

There are a few different varieties of vehicle covers available. The one that you end up choosing depends on your particular needs.

  • Indoor: Indoor covers are light and can help keep your vehicle free of dust and debris.
  • Outdoor: This type of car cover is durable, heavy, and may or may not be insulated. Outdoor covers can protect your car from water, dirt, and other large types of debris.
  • Custom: This tailor-made cover may be designed to fit your vehicle's specific make and model. The precise fit helps prevent anything from slipping beneath the fabric and damaging your automobile.
  • Universal: This kind of vehicle protector is generally larger and more flexible than other types of car covers and can fit either cars, trucks, or SUVs in a variety of years, makes, and models.
What material options are available for car covers?

There are many fabrics and material combinations available, which can range from lightweight and flexible, sheet-like fabrics to durable, heavy, waterproof variants. Many vehicle covers even have added UV-proof insulation.

  • Dust-protecting flannel composite: Flannel-like woven composite fabric can provide a high degree of dust protection.
  • Synthetic suede: This suede-feeling type of flannel fabric protects the paint and is very soft. This material absorbs moisture and is primarily for indoor use.
  • Form-fit cotton: This is another indoor fabric that protects vehicles from dust and moisture. It stretches fairly well and is easy to keep clean and store.
  • Encapsulated polymer: This fabric has a waterproof finish that is made to protect a vehicle when it is outdoors.
  • Weatherproof, UV-resistant fabric: This material can be made of many different fabrics and plastics. It is designed to be used outdoors because it protects from UV rays, temperature variations, and moisture. In many cases, weatherproof fabric will be insulated to some degree.
How can you choose the right custom fit cover?

A custom fit cover will wrap your Audi in protection and keep the elements at bay. Custom fit covers can protect your car's paint and finishes, keep the interior temperature controlled, and help you avoid having to wash and wax your Audi as frequently. Choosing the right custom fit can be easier if you know what to look for.

  • Know your car's specific trim style, model, and year: Some covers are so precise that they are tailored to fit very specific models quite snugly.
  • Decide what you need in a product: Will you will be using it inside, outside, or both?
  • If you can't find an OEM variety, find one designed specifically to fit a coupe: Since the Audi S5 is a coup, most custom coupe covers will probably fit pretty well.
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