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Corner Lights for Dodge Charger

By selecting one or more of these corner lights for your Dodge Charger, you can equip the vehicle with lights that will assist you when rounding a corner. These lights come in many different shapes and sizes and are outfitted with an array of lens colors. Dodge Charger lights are also manufactured by various brands.

Which bulb types do corner lights come with?

Corner lights for Dodge Charger can be equipped with a couple of different bulb types, including those of incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs.

  • Incandescent: This type of bulb is one that produces illumination when electricity comes into contact with the base of the bulb. When this occurs, the wire filament that is situated inside of the bulb is heated, which helps to produce the glow that you see when these bulbs are turned on. When using an incandescent bulb, you will be provided with accurate color rendition that produces a glow that appears similar to sunlight.
  • LED: This is a type of bulb that makes use of a solid semiconductor source to emit visible light. As more electricity is sent to the bulb, the glow will become brighter. These bulbs are known to be energy efficient and produce only a small amount of heat when turned on for several hours. They are also constructed with durable materials.
What are the different lens and housing colors?

Corner lights for Dodge Charger come with a variety of different lens and housing colors that you can select from. In regards to the lens color options, they include amber, clear, and red, with clear being the most common option. The two housing color options include black and chrome.

How do you select the right corner light?

When you are considering the selection of one or more of these corner lights for your Dodge Charger, it is recommended that you choose ones based on the model year of your vehicle. For instance, if you have a 2008 Charger, you will want to make sure that the lights you are considering are compatible with the 2008 model as this helps to ensure that they are a direct fit.

The majority of these lights are considered to be OEM parts, which includes any that have been made by the original manufacturer of the vehicle that you drive, which in this case would be Dodge. All OEM parts are designed specifically to match the measurements of the part that was originally in the car when it released, and that means that you will not need to make any modifications to get the part to fit.

Another option is the selection of an aftermarket light, which refers to any part that was created by a brand other than the original manufacturer of your Dodge Charger. A small number of these items could be unbranded.