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Nissan Maxima Fans and Kits

Your Nissan Maxima’s cooling fan is an important part of its motor. It keeps the motor running at the optimal operating temperature. You can find the right fans and fan kits that fit the Maxima and learn more about them here.

How does the Maxima’s cooling fan work?

The cooling fan is mounted between the radiator and the Maxima’s motor. When the coolant in the radiator reaches a certain temperature, the cooling fan turns on. The fan forces air through the radiator’s grate that cools the hot coolant flowing through it. The coolant then continues to circulate through the cooling system and carries heat from the engine back to the radiator. In this way, the excess heat generated by the motor is removed and dissipated.

What can cause the cooling fan to malfunction?
  • Damaged fan blades can reduce the amount of air the fan blows or jam it so that it isn’t able to spin.
  • The thermostat switch that turns the fan on and off may fail to function properly.
  • If your Maxima has a belt-driven cooling fan, the fan clutch can wear out and fail to engage the fan properly.
  • The cooling fan can lose power due to a burnt fuse or damaged wiring.
  • Loose electrical connections or corrosion can cause intermittent power failures.
What symptoms can a malfunctioning cooling fan cause?
  • The Maxima’s temperature rises unexpectedly, or the engine overheats.
  • The Check engine light stays on.
  • The air conditioning fails to provide as much cool air as it should.
How can you test the fan motors?

It can be a challenge to diagnose electrical problems when the fan is not working. The easiest solution is to test the motors directly to see if they work when you give them a power source. Remove the cooling fan assembly from the Maxima and place it on a workbench, and then follow these steps.

  • Using a 12-volt battery as a power source, connect two test wires with alligator clips to the positive and negative terminals of the battery.
  • Locate the positive terminal prong in the cooling fan’s wiring connector. Attach the other end of the positive test wire from the battery to it.
  • Connect the negative test wire to the negative terminal on the fan’s connector.
  • If the fan begins running, it has a good motor. If it doesn’t, ensure that the test wires are hooked up correctly. If they are, the fan motor needs to be replaced.