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Fans and Kits for Mazda 3

The fan under the hood of your Mazda 3 plays an important role in keeping your engine cool. When you need to find a replacement fan for your car, you have many options to select from. Here are some questions that may come up when selecting replacement or upgrade fans and kits for Mazda 3 for your vehicle.

How do you select a fan for your Mazda 3?

When you need to select a fan or fan kit for your Mazda 3, making a selection can be overwhelming with the different options available. Following these tips can help with the selection process.

  • Select a fan that is compatible with your car: You will want to know the make, model, and year of your vehicle. You may also need to know the production date, which can be found on the inside of your door. Sometimes, the manufacturer will change parts in the middle of the production year.
  • Select a brand: You can choose from a variety of OEM and aftermarket fans and kits that provide stock and upgrade fans.
  • Select a style of fan: If you’ve upgraded the engine in your Mazda 3, you may need to select a fan that provides more cooling.
  • Select the correct airflow requirements for the size of your motor: This will be measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. It will also help you gauge if the fan will work well in your car.
What types of fans are available?

Understanding the types of fans available for your Mazda 3 can help with selecting a compatible fan kit. Each type of fan has different features and advantages.

  • Manual/Mechanical: These fans are tied directly into the drive system. Mechanical fans will make use of a fan clutch at higher speeds to allow the fan to freewheel while an idle lock feature allows your motor to keep running the fan when you’re idled.
  • Electric: These fans are a more common selection when choosing a fan for your Mazda 3. These fans are tied into your electrical system so that the fan can run when your Mazda 3 is idle. You can also choose between push and pull radiator fans. Pull fans sit behind your radiator and pull air through the radiator. You can pair a pull fan with an auxiliary push fan to provide greater airflow.
What companies manufacture fans for your Mazda 3?

Whether you need to replace your fan with a direct replacement, or you would like to upgrade the fan, you have different options available. If you prefer to choose a part that is from the original manufacturer, you can choose from parts made by Mazda. You can also choose from brands such as Hayden, TYC, Dorman, and other companies that make aftermarket fan kits. With aftermarket kits, you can choose from replacements identical to the original component or you can also select from different performance kits that can improve the airflow in your Mazda 3. There are also several unbranded options available as well.