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Dodge Dakota Fans & Kits

The Dodge Dakota is a pickup truck with a towing capacity of nearly 5,000 pounds. To maintain this level of power, every part of the truck needs to be working in tandem. This includes the cooling system and its essential components, such as the cooling fan.

What is the function of the cooling fan?

The cooling fan moves air through the radiator core. This airflow decreases engine temperature, which is necessary to keep the car operating at the appropriate heat level. When these fans start to malfunction, the temperature of the Dakota may spike, causing overheating, misfires, and permanent damage.

What type of cooling fan does the Dodge Dakota have?

Dodge Dakota trucks are equipped with either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Because of the layout of these drivetrains, most Dakotas have engine-driven cooling fans. These fans come with a viscous clutch, which is thermostatically controlled. The clutch is located between the radiator and the fan, so it can take the temperature of the passing airflow.

The clutch serves an important purpose for rear-wheel-drive cars like the Dakota. When temperatures are low, it can freewheel, meaning the engine can heat up quickly, which minimizes engine stress. When temperatures increase, the clutch activates, drawing power from the Dakota's engine to move air and cool the necessary components. This type of fan system also uses an oil-like fluid, which provides the viscosity necessary to keep the fan functioning.

What are the main parts of the fan?

When Dakota drivers are searching for replacement cooling fans, they can choose individual fan components or kits that contain all the necessary parts. The main parts of a Dodge Dakota engine-driven cooling fan are the following:

  • Shroud - This is the housing that holds the fan in place.
  • Clutch - This part of the fan activates the fan when engine temperatures get too high.
  • Blades - Sturdy fan blades are essential for consistent airflow. For engine-driven cooling fans, they're often made of nylon.
  • Bolts - Bolts or other mounting hardware secure the fan to the water pump shaft. Some kits may include mounting ties or pads.
What are common signs of a faulty cooling fan?

Because the fan helps maintain appropriate engine temperature, a faulty cooling fan can wreak havoc on Dodge engine performance. Signs of a malfunctioning fan include the following:

  • Loud fan noises - When the fan clutch gets stuck in the on position, the fan is forced to spin at full speed even when the engine doesn't need extra cooling. Dodge Dakota drivers may be able to hear the quickly spinning fan while the vehicle is operating.
  • Overheating and other engine issues - If the fan stops functioning, the engine of the Dodge Dakota may overheat. This can reduce fuel efficiency and acceleration power. If the Dodge's engine is too hot for too long, its component parts may become damaged as well.