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Converse Sandals and Flip Flops for Women

Converse offers many styles of sandals and flip flops for women. These sandals and flip flops are available in a variety of sizes, and designs for women. They also feature various materials in their construction.

What types of sandals and flip flops does Converse make?

There are many styles of Converse sandals and flip flops on the market. Among them are Converse cut-away flip flops, All Star Chuck Taylor Gladiator Hi-thongs, Chuck Taylor All Star sandals, Sandstar thongs, Sand Star flip flop sandals, slide sandals, and canvas lace-up gladiator-style sandals. These styles are available in several different colors and designs.

What sizes of Converse sandals and flip flops are available?

Sandals and flip-flops for women from Converse are available in sizes ranging from 4 1/2 to 15 1/2.

Most Converse sandals fit like regular sneakers, but measuring the width of the foot or the circumference of the calf will help make a more accurate decision. Review the information about sizing before purchasing for a better fit. Sandals are usually worn on bare feet, so remember to consider the thickness of the socks being worn as this may change how the sandals feel on the foot.

What colors of sandals and flip flops does Converse make?

Sandals and flip flops from Converse are available in many colors, including gray, pink, black, white, red, and blue.

What is a Converse gladiator-style sandal?

Gladiator-style sandals made by Converse are part sneakers, part sandals. They resemble high tops and lace up like a high-top shoe, but feature an open toe, like a sandal.

What is a Converse women's thong sandal?

Women's thong sandals from Converse are flat shoes that are built like a thong with a sole made from synthetic material, but feature a high-top, lace-up design made with a textile material. Colors include beige, navy, gray, pink, and white. Women's sizes range from 5 to 9 1/2.

How do you care for Converse sandals or flip flops?

Since sandals and flip flops are seasonal, cleaning them before storage helps to keep them looking new. Otherwise, dirt can stain the materials forever altering the appearance of the shoes. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt along the rubber edging and soles. A light detergent can be used for stubborn areas. Make sure to rinse off any soaps or cleaners because the residue can also leave behind marks on the material when dry.

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