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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Men's Shoes Large

About Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes

The number one rule for building a stellar sneaker collection: Always start with the classics. And no shoe is more foundational — and steeped in sneaker heritage — than the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars.
The Chuck Taylor as we know it was developed in 1922 by Converse when a basketball player named — you guessed it — Chuck Taylor asked the company to make a basketball shoe with additional support. The rest is fashion history.
Chuck Taylors have since become style stars in their own right, punctuating the looks of rock musicians, movie stars, off-duty athletes and anyone in love with cool kicks. And through the years, the brand has released special-edition collaborations such as its Andy Warhol line, and added myriad colors and new styles to its lineup.
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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Men's Athletic Shoes

Chuck Taylors are a classic, iconic sneaker whose design has remained virtually unchanged for a century. The high-top canvas sneaker was worn by amateur and professional basketball players from the 1920s to the late 1970s. The rubber-capped tennis shoe is still worn by athletes and others in all walks of life and is regularly seen in pop culture.

Who is Chuck Taylor?

Born in 1901, Charles "Chuck" Taylor was a high school basketball player when he began to wear Converse canvas high tops on the court. Years later, Taylor applied for a job at Converse headquarters. After being hired, Taylor began to make suggestions for changes to the Chucks high top. Taylor's suggestions improved the flexibility of the shoe and provided wearers with better ankle protection. Nine years after Taylor started working for the shoe company, the sneaker was named after him.

Are Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars a trainer shoe?

Chucks are trainer footwear. Converse created the All Star series more than 100 years ago, with little to no changes to their design. The classic shoe was first designed for basketball. It is still worn on the court and is often worn by boxers, weightlifters, CrossFit athletes, and many others as well.

How do you clean Converse Chuck Taylors?

Converse shoes can be cleaned in a washing machine with regular laundry detergent. After washing, let the shoes air dry. If the rubber still needs to be brighter, use a whitening product.

Are there different types of Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers?

Converse became a subsidiary of Nike in 2003. Although the Chuck Taylor All Star brand was acquired, the style remained the same until 2015. In the summer of that year, Nike management announced the creation of Chuck Taylor IIs. The updated version of the Chucks used Nike technology to create a lighter midsole.

How do you know a sneaker is a Chuck Taylor?

Classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes are easy to recognize because they have a famous patch near the ankle. The patch was added in honor of Taylor, who came up with the idea to improve the ankle area. The patch is white and round with a blue star in the center. The patch border is outlined in blue. The top of the patch says the company's name in red, and the bottom of the patch says All Star in red. Chuck is written in blue on the left of the star, and Taylor is written in blue on the right side of the star.

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