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Nissan Titan Control Arms and Parts

Control arms are not the most well-known auto parts, but they are important because they work with the suspension of your vehicle to give you a smooth ride when you drive your Titan over rough terrain. If you have reached 90,000-100,000 miles on your Nissan Titan and you notice uneven tire wear or a rougher ride than usual, it may be time to replace the control arms or parts on your pickup. There are a few points to keep in mind before you get Nissan Titan control arms and parts.

How do Nissan Titan control arms work?

Control arms are A- or U-shaped assemblies that connect the suspension gear to the vehicle frame and absorb the impact of uneven roads, keeping your truck's tires in contact with the ground as you drive. Each end of the A or U shape contains a bushing, which is a protective cushion between the metal parts of the arm and the truck's suspension gear. Bushings can wear down, become corroded, or freeze to the metal frame over time, reducing your Nissan's shock absorption. Keep in mind that the anti-lock brake system dash light can sometimes indicate control arm damage since these parts run close to each other.

What types of control arms and parts are there?

Different types of Nissan arms and parts are available individually or in kits. Most Nissan Titan control arm assemblies are black, but chrome, red, and blue ones are also available to enhance the look of your lifted pickup.

  • Upper control arms: These may or may not be present depending on the type of Nissan strut assembly. When a vehicle has upper and lower assemblies, they work parallel to each other, which is called a double wishbone suspension.
  • Lower control arms: These are present in all cars and trucks and come in left- or right-side mounting configurations.
  • Stock Nissan arms: These have a more robust shape, but they are lighter because they are stamped out of a single piece of metal.
  • Tubular or performance: These Nissan Titan parts are more rigid, but they have a slimmer line that allows for more lift and sharper turns at high speeds. The aftermarket Titan control arms kit has similar bushings and fits the same as stock accessories.
What gear comes with a kit?
  • Stock Titan sets: These need to have the control arm, rubber or polyurethane bushings, ball joints, nuts, and eye rings.
  • Performance truck kits: These may also include casters and ball joint pins.
How do you choose a control arm?
  • Select equipment specified to fit the front, rear, left, right, upper, or lower mounting.
  • Ensure all the required gear is included in the kit.
  • Choose a tubular or stock Nissan assembly.
  • Select a set that fits the correct Nissan Titan model year.

Taking into account the function and types of Nissan Titan parts available will also help you select the right control arms for your ride.