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Control Arms and Parts for Nissan Sentra

Control arms are critical for the suspension system of your Nissan Sentra. After your vehicle hits 100,000 miles, you may notice uneven tire wear, steering drift, or shaking when you step on the brake pedal. These signs indicate you may need to replace the arm and associated parts on your Sentra.

What do Nissan Sentra control brackets do?

The brackets on your Nissan are C-shaped components connected to the wheel hub and the steering knuckle. This helps absorb shock as you drive your car over rough terrain. It also helps you to maintain stability when you step on the brake. Each end of the C shape is embedded with a bushing, which is a rubber or polyurethane pillow mediating the arm and the vehicle frame. The center of the C shape contains a ball joint mediating the arm and the wheel hub.

What parts are there for your Sentra?

Arms and parts are purchased individually or in complete suspension sets. Many Nissan components come with a matte black finish, but you can also get other finishes and colors to match the trim of your vehicle. Some parts you can find include:

  • Lower arms: These are found on all Nissan Sentra model years, and can be installed on either the left or right side.
  • Upper arms: Whether you need these depends on your Sentra's strut assembly. If your Nissan has both upper and lower pieces, it has a double wishbone suspension system.
  • Stock Nissan arms: These are stamped out of one metal piece, making them wide and light.
  • Performance Sentra gear: Pieces in this category are tubular, stiff, and slim. This allows for high clearance and steering through tight turns at high speeds.
What gear comes in a kit?

This depends on what kind of kit you buy. There are two types of kits:

  • Stock kits: These kits contain the arm, bolts, bushings, ball joints, eye rings and nuts.
  • Performance Nissan kits: These may also include ball joint pins and casters.
How do you look for parts for your Nissan Sentra?

Considering the function and types of Nissan Sentra control brackets available can help you choose the right parts for your vehicle. You can find these parts in many ways.

  • By vehicle orientation: Choose arms for the right or left side, and the front or rear of the vehicle.
  • By kit type: Choose a kit with all the required gear and the correct vehicle part numbers.
  • By type of parts: Choose stock or performance parts.