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Control Arms and Parts for Nissan Pathfinder

When your Pathfinder has close to 100,000 miles, you may notice that it bangs when you drive on rugged roads or the steering wanders to one side. This could be a sign that your control arms or parts need to be replaced. Luckily, with a wide selection of control arms and parts for Nissan Pathfinder, you can find the replacement parts that you need.

Why are Nissan Pathfinder control arms important?

Control arms help keep your tires in the right alignment, even when you drive your Pathfinder through less than ideal road conditions. When these important parts are in good repair, they help avoid irregular tire wear, give your car good traction for braking and accelerating efficiently, and enhance tire grip on hard turns. The A-shaped auto parts on your Nissan let the wheels and accessories absorb impact without shocking the entire vehicle. Cylinder-shaped rubber or polyurethane parts called bushings, are contained in the arms to obstruct contact between the wheel hub metal and the frame of your Nissan.

What are the features of Nissan Pathfinder parts?

There are a few different models of Pathfinder control arms, found either on their own or as part of a bundled kit.

  • Lower arms on Nissan Pathfinders are triangular and intended for installing on either the front or rear of the vehicle, and on the left or right side.
  • Upper arms are horseshoe-shaped parts that can be mounted above the lower arms. This gives your Nissan more support with a double wishbone suspension.
  • Stock Pathfinder parts and accessories weigh less, are usually matte black, and support the wheel alignment recommended by the manufacturer on standard height vehicles.
  • Performance Nissan Pathfinder parts can be adjusted to balance out caster and camber degree changes on lifted or lowered cars, and they are offered in a range of colors.
Which parts and accessories are in a replacement kit?
  • Stock kits for all models usually hold washers, the arm bracket, ball joint nuts, and retaining bolts.
  • Performance kits formulated for lowered cars and high velocity driving can include arms that can be adjusted for caster and camber degree changes, links, install lubricant, specialized bushings, and cotter pins to prevent the bolts from unscrewing.
How do you choose Nissan Pathfinder control arms and parts?
  • Opt for accessories for the specific location on your car.
  • Opt for kits that hold all the parts entailed in the repair.
  • Pick stock Nissan components or performance accessories.
  • Pick assemblies for the specific model year of your Nissan.