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Control Arms and Parts for Nissan 240SX

The control arms are a major component of the suspension system. These arms serve as the pivot point between the frame or body of the vehicle to the wheels, springs, and struts embracing the impact of the road. The front control arms are typically attached to the steering knuckle of the Nissan 240SX.

What brands offer Nissan 240SX control arms parts?

These parts may be for a direct placement or for enhancing the performance of the Nissan. The components are either offered as a genuine OEM part from Nissan or from an aftermarket brand. Some of the brands offering control arms include ACDelco, Dorman, and Energy Suspension. WD Express, Moog, and Mevotech also offer control arm parts for the Nissan 240SX.

Where are these parts found inside the 240SX?

You'll typically find these components located beneath the front and rear body of the vehicle. In the front and rear of the Nissan 240SX, you typically find upper and lower control arms. These parts are found on the left and right side of the vehicle.

How do Nissan 240SX control arms work?

These parts of the Nissan are designed to help wheels embrace the bumps in the road while maintaining proper alignment and using the steering wheel. As the Nissan goes over bumps in the road, the control arms pivot up and down with the wheel, allowing the car to remain stable. The ball joint connected to the steering knuckle and the bushing connected to the body or frame are what allow the control arms to pivot with the bumps in the road.

Do Nissan control arms ever go bad?

The control arm could last the entire lifetime of the Nissan. The bushings for these parts may wear down and may need to be replaced at around 100,000 miles. Rough roads and aggressive driving can cause these bushings to wear down faster than normal. Large potholes or car accidents can also cause additional damage to these Nissan parts as well.

How do you know when control arms are bad?

The suspension will begin making squeaky sounds as you go over bumps in the road if the bushings are worn down. This sound turns into more of a knocking if they are severely worn down and the metal control arms are making contact with the bracket. When the control arms become bent or damaged, the 240SX will have trouble driving straight and the tires will show signs of uneven wear.