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Mazda 6 Control Arms and Parts

Control arms are vital for the suspension system of your Mazda 6. You may want to consider a few points before you repair the control arms on your Mazda 6.

How do Mazda control arms work?

They are L- or U-shaped parts attached to the chassis and the steering knuckle in order to absorb vibrations as you drive. It helps maintain stability over rough terrain and when you step on the brake. The arms house bushings, which are protective rubber or polyurethane pads between the metal arm and the wheel suspension gear. Bushings can corrode over time, which reduces the shock absorption abilities of your Mazda 6.

What types of Mazda 6 parts are there?

Different types of control arms can be purchased alone or in kits. Most arms are matte black but other colors and finishes are offered to coordinate with the trim of your car. Listed below are some examples:

  • Lower control arms - These are found on all Mazda cars, and they are specified for either the driver or passenger side.
  • Upper control arms - These will be present depending on the strut type. Upper and lower assemblies working parallel to each other are called a double wishbone suspension.
  • Stock Mazda parts - These are broad and light because they are stamped out of one piece of metal.
  • Performance parts - These are slim, tube-shaped, and rigid, allowing for more ground clearance and tighter turns at high speeds.
When should you replace a control arm assembly?

If the steering wheel of your vehicle shakes when you step on the brake, you may need to replace a control arm assembly. This is also true if it has 90,000–100,000 miles on it or if it has uneven tire wear. These can all indicate that it may be time for maintenance of the control arm assemblies. What parts are included in a kit?

  • Stock kits - These contain the control arm, bushings, bolts, and ball joints.
  • Performance sets - These can include casters and ball joint pins.
How do you choose a Mazda control arm?

Knowing the types and functions of Mazda control arms that are there will assist you in buying the right Mazda 6 parts for your car. The following points may help you understand what to consider when looking for a control arm:

  • Select parts by position: They can be designated for the driver or passenger side, upper or lower position, and the front or rear of the car.
  • Select by what equipment you need: Make sure all the required gear is included in the kit and check manufacturer part numbers. Be sure to also select a set that fits your vehicle's model year.
  • Select between stock or performance kits: The kinds of Mazda 6 components included in each type of kit can be quite different, so ensure you choose the kind you need.