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Control Arms and Parts for Lexus SC300

Control arms are not always a noticeable part of a vehicle, but they are an important part of the functioning of your Lexus SC300 model. Thus, it's useful to know what they are, how to care for them, and when and how to replace them if necessary. There are also additional parts you may wish to replace along with your control arms and parts for Lexus SC300, including essentials such as bushings and suspension rods.

What is a Lexus control arm?

The control arms of your Lexus SC300 are an essential part of the vehicle's suspension system. These parts allow the wheels of your Lexus to move up and down in a stable fashion, giving you a smooth riding or driving experience. When you hit a bump or pothole with your car, it is the control arms that compress and keep the tires flat on the pavement. They are also important because they help the wheels remain in proper alignment with the body of the coupe.

What other Lexus SC300 parts are available?

In addition to control arms, there is a variety of other related components that you may wish to purchase at the same time. All of these pieces keep your car running in good condition, and not replacing them when necessary can have an adverse impact on performance. Some of the most common components include:

  • Upper camber arms are part of a camber kit, which will allow you to change the driving angle of your Lexus SC and lower its profile.
  • A spindle knuckle attaches to the various suspension components of your SC300, and is necessary for properly stabilizing the rotation of the wheel hub assembly.
  • Various bushings for both the control arm parts and others, which provide cushioning and shock absorption features while driving.
How do you install control arms?

Once you've purchased the necessary accessories for your SC300, you should understand some of the normal wear they go through over time. Once you can recognize these signs, you'll know when it's time to replace these suspension devices, so that you continue to experience as smooth a ride as possible. If you need to install new control arms, you can use the following steps as a general guideline for success.

  • You'll start to notice excessive vibrations and movement in your Lexus SC300, and jolts when going over bumps in the road will seem stronger. This can also affect the air pressure in your tires, which can put extra strain on the suspension.
  • Once you have determined that it's time to replace your control arms and bushings, raise your Lexus and locate what is called the jacking point.
  • Secure the wheels of your SC300 and remove each of them.
  • Going from wheel to wheel, separate the attached wheelbase and ball joint of each one.
  • Install the new control arm and any other related devices, testing each one to ensure they are firmly in place, then reattach the wheels to your motor vehicle.