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Control Arms and Parts for Lexus LS400

The control or A-arms and related parts for them are important components of your Lexus LS400 car. These arms enhance the suspension of your Lexus and keep the ride smooth for you and your passengers. If you're selecting new control arms and parts for Lexus LS400, it's important to understand how they work, signs of failure, and how to install new ones.

What do Lexus LS400 control arms do?

The arms of your Lexus LS400 vehicle keep the various parts of the car aligned. Specifically, the A-arms ensure that both the body and wheels of your Lexus align with one another and stay that way, even as you drive over rough or uneven terrain. It is the job of the control arm to absorb impacts on the road so the wheels of your LS400 can remain level with the ground and keep your driving experience smooth. It does this through a compression process, coming down on a bump or hole in the road as your tire hits it so that the car stays on the surface of the road rather than jolting upwards. These arms connect the frame of your Lexus LS400 to its suspension system, attaching to the frame via bushings and connecting to the suspension using ball joints.

What are the symptoms of bad LS400 suspension arms?

Because the arms of your Lexus are mechanical and include moving parts, they are prone to natural wear and tear over time. They can snap or bend out of shape if you've driven over enough holes in the road, and the rubber bushings and other small components will wear out on their own. The arms impact the overall smoothness of the driving or riding experience for both you and your passengers, so failing arms will have a negative effect on how comfortable you feel in your LS400. If you are experiencing symptoms of bad arm joints, it's important to replace them as soon as possible for not only the comfort of you and your passengers but the health of your vehicle's suspension system and the life of your tires.

  • If you hear a distinctive clunking noise when driving your Lexus LS400 over a pothole or when going around tight corners at low speeds, it's a sure sign that your arms are in serious disrepair and in need of replacement.
  • Excessive wheel movement is another sign that the arms are starting to fail. If you find the wheels are wobbling heavily, it's time to purchase replacement arms.
  • Vibrations in the steering column point to a failure of the suspension components as well. If you notice the steering wheel vibrating when you're driving at highway speeds, you should check the arm mechanisms for faults.