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Lexus IS300 Control Arms and Parts

While control arms may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of your Lexus IS300, they are crucial components of your car's suspension system. If your Lexus has nearly 100,000 miles, you hear banging when you drive over bumps in the road, or the steering wheel pulls left or right, it is probably time to replace the arm components on your car.

Why are Lexus control arms important?

These A-shaped parts on your IS300 let the tires move up and down and swivel from left to right without jolting the whole vehicle, regardless of road conditions. If your Lexus has been lowered, the control arms also help maintain an adequate tire contact patch that helps prevent interior tire wear and gives your Lexus sufficient traction to accelerate and brake efficiently. Cylindrical rubber or polyurethane bushings housed in the arm brackets mediate contact between the wheel assembly systems and the frame of your Lexus IS300. Warped arms and maladjusted bushings hinder the manufacturer wheel alignment, reduce shock absorption, and affect vehicle performance on high G-force turns. They can also cause your steering wheel to shudder each time you brake.

What features do Lexus IS300 auto parts have?

There are several different kinds of Lexus control arms, and they can be acquired individually or as part of auto part assembly kits.

  • Most lower control arms on Lexus IS300s are A-shaped parts specified for installation on the left, right, front, or rear of the vehicle.
  • Upper Lexus arms are mostly U-shaped, and they are installed above the lower arms to work in tandem for double wishbone suspension.
  • Stock Lexus IS300 parts are lightweight, matte black in color, and maintain manufacturer-recommended wheel alignment on standard Lexus heights.
  • Performance Lexus components tend to be adjustable to correct for caster and camber on lowered vehicles and come in a variety of colors.
Which Lexus IS300 parts does a replacement kit have?
  • Stock Lexus kits include washers, retaining bolts, ball joint nuts, and the arm bracket.
  • Performance Lexus kits designed for lowered cars and track driving may also include camber- and caster-adjustable arms, toe links, cotter pins, caster correcting bushings, or installation lubricant.
How do you choose Lexus IS300 components?
  • Choose parts intended for the specific installation point on your vehicle.
  • Be sure all the needed gear and manufacturer part numbers come in the kit.
  • Choose stock Lexus equipment or performance parts.
  • Choose components for installation on the intended Lexus IS300 model year.

Staying aware of the differences and functions of the available gear will help you choose replacement control arms for your Lexus IS300