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Control Arms and Parts for Lexus ES300

The Lexus ES300 is one of the more well-known car models in Lexus's ES lineup. The ES300 first appeared in the second generation of the ES line, with its first production runs in the United States starting in 1991. The control arms and parts for Lexus ES300 perform some critical tasks to keep your ride comfortable and smooth, and after a long time driving, you may need to replace some of these parts.

How many control arms are in the Lexus ES300?

The number of control arms in your Lexus ES300 differs depending on the year, model, and make of your car. Usually, models in the ES line from Lexus will have either two or four control arms. Just in case, here are a few steps you can take to determine the number of control arms in your Lexus.

  • Find your vehicle's exact specifications. Check the rear of your ES300 to find if there are any special features and verify which year it is. This will ensure that you have the correct information when looking at the schematics.
  • Check the underside of the car. You should be able to see the lower and upper control arms by detaching the wheels. You can then count how many control arms are present.
  • In your user’s manual, there should be specific information on the exact parts used and the number of parts used. You may have to look for certain terms like "upper control arm" and "lower control arm", as these parts usually fall under different designs.
What are the functions of the Lexus ES300 control arms?

There are three major functions of Lexus ES300 control arm assemblies. If the control arm parts or any of these functions were not present, the ES would have a much less comfortable ride. Here are those three important functions:

  • Vertical wheel movement: The control arm and its associated parts are designed to allow for up-and-down movement of the ES's wheels. There is a ball joint, where a ball is closely fit inside a socket, which allows for free rotation and movement. The other segments of the control arm restrict that free movement to vertical movement only. This allows bumps and potholes in roads to be passed over easily without feeling it on the interior.
  • Suspension-body integration: The control arms connect the Lexus' suspension to the underside of the vehicle's body via the ball joint and arm. Without the control arms, your Lexus would not be working in sync with the suspension.
  • Alignment: The semi-free movement of the ball joint also allows the control arms to keep the Lexus's wheels in line with the body of the car. Because the movement is slightly restricted, the control arms are able to make sure wheels do not move out of frame from the rest of the body.