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Jeep Grand Cherokee Control Arms & Parts

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a range of Jeep's finest full-size luxury SUVs. One factor that allows the Grand Cherokee to ride so smoothly is its four control arms, perched on the base of the car's body. These control arms perform critical tasks for wheel maintenance and may need replacement after many years of use.

What parts are in Jeep Grand Cherokee control arms?

Control arms in all vehicles, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee, have three major parts used in their construction. The parts associated with the control arm usually come in a standard kit, but you may be able to find some of them sold separately. Here are the three major components and their functions.

  • Ball joint: Perhaps the most important part of the system is the ball joint, a special joint that allows the entire system to move vertically. The form of this Jeep joint is a ball in a socket, where the ball is kept in place by a surrounding rubber or plastic material but is allowed to rotate and flex. This movement translates wheel movement into the suspension, rather than into the body of the car.
  • Arm: The actual arm of the Jeep's system is a long, durable piece of metal that attaches to the cushioning system and the body of the Cherokee. This transmits vibration and movement, keeping the system in the correct place.
  • Bushings: Of course, the Cherokee's control system would fall apart if improperly secured. This is where the bushings come in. Three bushings secure the system in place, with two at the suspension end and one at the ball joint.
How many control arms does the Jeep Grand Cherokee have?

Most Cherokee models have four control arms, but you'll need to check your model and user's manual to ensure you have the correct number. Some earlier vehicles may use upper and lower control arms as well, but upper arms are far less common in later models, and are generally restricted to larger trucks or other large vehicles.

What are the functions of Jeep Grand Cherokee control arms?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee's control arms are involved in three major parts of driving. Without these systems, your ride would be a lot rougher. Here are the three important functions of these parts in the Grand Cherokee.

  • Connection: Theses parts serve as joints between the suspension and body of the Grand Cherokee. This allows for much of the horizontal and vertical movement from the road to be translated to the Jeep's cushioning system, rather than being felt in the body of the car.
  • Vertical movement: The ball joint allows for vertical movement of the wheels when they come across a bump or pothole in the road. However, horizontal movement is restricted due to the design of the ball joint and surrounding parts, so you won't feel large jolts inside the Jeep.
  • Straight steering: The design of the arms restricts the Jeep's potential wheel angles, keeping them directly in line with the body of the Grand Cherokee. The metal piece of the system restricts movement; without this, the Jeep's wheels would quickly fall out of alignment.