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Control Arms and Parts for Jeep Compass

Control arms and parts for Jeep Compass are an integral part of the vehicle's suspension system. It's important to understand how these devices work and the possible signs of failure so that you can replace them quickly and enjoy a smooth ride. If you do not replace failing control arms promptly, both you and your passengers will experience a rough, uncomfortable ride in your Compass.

How do A-arm parts for the Compass work?

The control system of your vehicle consists of two separate pairs of devices, called lower and upper arms. These accessories are responsible for connecting the suspension system to the front of your Jeep while still allowing the wheels to move up and down normally and in a controlled fashion. Most of these devices are adjustable up to a certain point. Ball joints on the A-arms themselves connect to the front axles of the Jeep, and bushings or brushings attach them to the frame. When you drive your Jeep Compass over a bump or pothole, the wheels would ordinarily lose contact with the surface of the road or become misaligned. Working A-arms prevent this problem from occurring by keeping the tires of your Jeep in line with its frame and absorbing the impact of the bump.

What parts are there in addition to control arms?

When shopping for replacement A-arms for your Jeep, it might be necessary to purchase some individual parts associated with the devices. You may also wish to purchase backups of certain items that experience normal wear, such as bushings.

  • Spindle knuckles are sold either as sets along with the arms or individually, should you need one. These knuckles carry the hub for each of your Compass's wheels and adhere to both the upper and lower A-arms.
  • Full steering kits contain several pieces, including control arms and other items you'll need for a complete suspension replacement of your Jeep Compass.
  • Trailing sets will connect different A-arms together between the axle and pivot points of your vehicle.
  • Bushings should be replaced along with the A-arms. Worn bushings will shorten the life of your tires and could cause premature wear to your new A-arms as well.
How do you replace Jeep Compass control arms?

Once you've purchased the necessary accessories for your Jeep, you can use this simple guide to install everything.

  1. Remove each tire and the accompanying braking components to expose the ball joint.
  2. Unscrew any nuts and bolts holding the faulty arms in place. Typically, you'll encounter at least one retaining bolt and several additional standard bolts or screws.
  3. Install the new ball joint and slide each new control arm into its proper place. Reattach and tighten the nuts and bolts you removed from the old system.
  4. Put all the braking parts back in place, making sure everything is secure.