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Jaguar S-Type Control Arms and Parts

You Jaguar S-Type’s wheels are steered and held in place by the control arms. They provide a driving experience unperturbed by the bumps and dips of the road. Find the control arms and parts that you need for the Jaguar S-Type model, and learn more about them.

What are control arms?

The Jaguar’s control arms are a major component of its suspension. The wheels are connected to the car’s frame, and a spring that sits between the control arms dampens the impact of bumps and dips in the road. They also connect the wheel to the steering. Without the control arms, steering wouldn’t be possible, and the ride in your Jaguar would be much rougher.

Control arms for the S-Type can be wishbone-shaped or curved bars, depending on whether they are upper or lower arms for the front or rear wheels. One side of the arms attaches to the frame with bushing joints, and the other side attaches to the knuckle with a ball joint.

What types of suspension are there?

How many control arms your car has and how they work depends on the type of suspension.

  • McPherson suspension: The McPherson strut is a type of suspension that is used in some cars and trucks. A strut vertically attaches the wheel to the frame, and a spring takes the roughness out of the ride. A control arm attaches the wheel to the steering or controls its range of motion.
  • Double wishbone suspension: The Jaguar S-Type uses this type of suspension. An upper and lower control arm has a spring between them. The assembly both stabilizes the wheel and connects it to a steering joint.
What are the signs that a control arm needs repair?
  • Loose wheel: Control arms can come loose when their fasteners on either end are damaged. They usually do not break off completely, but the wheel will wobble when you drive your S-Type because of the excessive play that results.
  • Poor suspension: A broken or loose control arm will degrade the suspension of that wheel and cause your ride to be less than smooth.
  • Difficult steering: If a control arm breaks off at the knuckle joint, steering your vehicle suddenly becomes difficult.
How long does it take to replace a control arm?

Replacing control arms can take anywhere between two to six hours depending on the number of arms being installed and the extent of damage to other components.