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Control Arms and Parts for Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a well-known car in the United States, and for its durability, small size, and general reliability. One of the major sets of parts that keep the vehicle running so smoothly on the road is its control arms, which lie on the underbody of the car. When need replacements, you can find a variety of control arms and parts for Honda Civic to get the job done.

What are the uses for Honda Civic control arms?

In the vehicle, these parts have three major functions. One system performs all of these functions per wheel, or per two wheels, depending on the year of the Civic and the design used. Here are the important functions:

  • Allows movement: The control arms use a ball-in-socket part to allow the wheels to move vertically. This comes in handy when maneuvering on bumpy terrain because without these the bumps would amplify through each part and be felt in the body of the Civic. Instead, these parts are able to mitigate much of the bumpiness of potholes and irregularities in road surfaces.
  • Interface: The control arm system allows the underbody of the Honda to directly interface with the suspension of the vehicle. The ball joint and the metal rod keep the cushioning system and body of the Honda working in tandem.
  • Better steering: The control arm is basically flexible piece of metal with some extra functions and parts. The flexible metal part is able to keep the wheels in line with the body of the Honda, making sure that your vehicle's body and suspension stay in alignment with each other. Without these parts, everything would quickly fall out of alignment, leading to less efficient steering and driving.
What parts are in a Honda Civic control arm?

The car's arms use three parts, which are listed here:

  1. The essential component is the arm itself, which is a long, durable piece of metal that connects the Honda's suspension to its body.
  2. A ball joint allows for flexibility and vertical movement of the parts in order to compensate for potholes and road unevenness.
  3. The bushings ensure that the arm and ball joint are properly clamped in place. Three bushings are used in each kit. One bushing is placed around the ball-and-socket, and two other bushings are used to clamp the other end securely to the suspension.
How do you know which Honda Civic parts to get?

Control arms normally come in kits, meaning that the three parts used in each kit will come bundled together. To know which kits to purchase, you should check your Honda's year, model, and trim level. Furthermore, you should consult your user's manual to see if there is any extra information on the exact parts used, such as manufacturer and specifications on size. Knowing these tidbits of information will help you locate the exact part necessary for replacement.