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Honda Accord Control Arms & Parts

The Honda Accord’s control arms are an integral part of its suspension. When they loosen or break due to wear and tear, it makes driving more difficult. You can find the right control arms and related parts for your Honda Accord and learn more about them here.

What purpose do control arms serve?

The control arms in the Honda Accord connect each wheel to the car frame and the steering mechanism. Because they both stabilize and control the wheel, they get the name control arms. The control arms feature a double wishbone design to hold the suspension spring and strut in place, dampening the bumps and dips hit on the road before they reach the rest of the car. That makes your drive smooth and unperturbed. They also hold the wheel in place so that it’s fully controlled by the steering without excess play or wobbling on the road.

What do the control arms look like?

Each wheel of the Honda Accord has an upper and a lower control arm. The upper arm looks like a horseshoe with a ball joint on the narrow end and two bushing joints on the wide end. The ball joint attaches to the steering knuckle while the bushing joints attach the arms to the Accord’s frame. The lower control arm also resembles a wishbone. It has a ball joint on the narrow end that attaches to the knuckle and strut while the wide end has two bushing joints that attach to the frame.

What are symptoms of a worn or broken control arm?
  • Wheel wobbles: When a control arm’s joints wear out and begin to break loose, it will cause the wheel to wobble and wriggle too much on the road. This can cause uneven tire wear and a rougher ride.
  • Rougher ride: Loose control arms will make the wheels vibrate and lose some of the dampening from the suspension. You’ll start to feel the bumps in the road as it jolts.
  • Hard steering: If both control arms loosen or if one breaks off, steering the car will become difficult.
How many control arms does the Honda Accord have?

The Honda Accord has an upper and lower control arm on each wheel for a total of eight. Note that the front and rear wheels have different control arms, so they aren’t interchangeable.

What other parts will be needed to replace a control arm?

A Honda Accord control arm kit typically includes the joints and fasteners that will be needed to install a new arm. The ball joint and bushings are part of the control arm. You may want to replace the bolts and fasteners as well if the originals are corroded or damaged.