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Chrysler Sebring Control Arms and Parts

The Chrysler Sebring -- available as a sedan, coupe, or convertible -- is precision-made by Chrysler to provide a maximum comfort driving and riding experience on the open road. Some of the most important parts in a Sebring for a comfortable open-road experience are the four control arms. With a wide selection of accessory options, you can find the control arms and parts that you need to keep your Chrysler Sebring running smoothly.

Why should you replace this part?

The arm in a Chrysler Sebring is an essential connection between the frame of the vehicle and the wheel. Any damage from an accident or from normal wear and tear can cause you to feel discomfort during your drive, or at the worst, to lose control of your vehicle. If you suddenly feel any excessive vibration through your steering wheel or from one of the wheels while driving, have the arm inspected. More than likely, a replacement of the arm and its parts is necessary.

What types of control arms are there for Chrysler?

There are several designs to choose from. Some off-road vehicles will have two arms for each wheel of a flat design that reduces flex. In the Chrysler Sebring, however, the A-type control arm is designed by Chrysler to produce a comfortable ride on the open road. The A-type design allows for a tiny flex in the arm for a smoother ride. A flat connection provides no flex and a stiffer ride, something commonly desired in off-road adventures. Though the A-type system is similar in both the front and rear arms of the Sebring, the bushings connecting to the frame are different.

What parts should you replace when replacing the control arm?

It is recommended to replace all three parts of the arm with a kit for the year of your Chrysler Sebring. If one of the arms is broken or has an invisible weakness that only shows during the inspection, then it is advisable to order another kit to replace the parts on the other side of the car. A broken or weak arm on one side may cause damage to the arm on the other end of the axle.

Is the part interchangeable between year models?

Yes, you can move arms from one Chrysler Sebring model year to the next. Each year, the Chrysler Sebring changes in appearance. This means a slight weight distribution change that transfers to an enormous wear pattern change on control mechanics. To ensure the smoothest ride, order a new kit of Chrysler Sebring parts for a complete replacement of the arm assemblies, including new bushings and ball joints.