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Control Arms and Parts for Chrysler Pacifica

If you have started to notice your steering wheel shake and too much bumping whenever you hit a stretch of rough road in your Chrysler Pacifica, deteriorated control arms may be to blame. These unfamiliar but specialized car parts are critical to the proper function of the complex Pacifica suspension system. When you have informed yourself about car control arms and their accessories, you can purchase the correct Chrysler Pacifica control arms and parts to fix your car.

What are Chrysler control arms used for?

These essential components aid the original wheel alignment specifically when you drive your vehicle over uneven streets. When they are working properly, they encourage uniform tire wear, provide for the requisite traction to accelerate and to brake your Chrysler Pacifica safely, and maintain steering wheel stability when you brake. The pairs of upper and lower arms on your car buttress the shocks and struts to provide your family with a smooth ride. Robust circular bushings fashioned from polyurethane foam or rubber will fill openings in the terminating points of the arms to buffer the wheel hubs and the steering rack contact. Broken arms or eroded bushings hamper standard wheel alignment, allow steering wheel oscillation during braking, and eliminate full shock absorption of other components.

What are different types of Chrysler Pacifica control arm parts?

You can buy a variety of arm bracket formations for your Chrysler individually or in combination with other accessories.

  • Triangle-shaped lower Pacifica arms are installed on the front or rear axle and on the right or left side.
  • Upper Pacifica arms install over the lower set to form double wishbone suspension systems.
  • OEM Chrysler Pacifica parts form a compact plane and assist the manufacturer camber on vehicles with standard height.
  • Performance Pacifica components can be fine-tuned to neutralize the camber and caster alterations of lowered vehicles.
  • Bump stops and bumpers are pushed into a cup above the bracket or are screwed directly onto it to keep from breaking parts of the suspension system after hitting pot holes.
What Chrysler Pacifica pieces does a repair kit include?

OEM Chrysler van repair kits could include standard brackets, ball joints, bolts and nuts. Performance kits for Chrysler vans may provide tubular arms and toe links, bumpers, plus-size bushings and lubricant.

How do you pick Chrysler van assemblies?
  • Choose assemblies modified for the intended point of install on your car.
  • Select a Chrysler Pacifica kit containing all the assembly parts required for the replacement, focusing on part numbers.
  • Decide if you want OEM or performance components.
  • Make sure the accessories are compatible with your Chrysler Pacifica model year.