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Chrysler PT Cruiser Control Arms & Parts

If you experience steering wheel vibrations and feel like a pinball being knocked about each time you hit a patch of rough road in your Chrysler PT Cruiser, faulty control arms may be the problem. These little-known but specialized vehicle parts are key components of the complex Chrysler suspension system. Learn about Chrysler PT Cruiser control arms and parts so you can buy the accessories you need for your PT Cruiser.

What is the role of Chrysler control arms and accessories?

These essential assemblies support proper tire alignment, particularly when driving your vehicle over uneven surfaces. When they are in good condition, they support even tire wear, give your Chrysler PT Cruiser the requisite traction to accelerate and brake safely, and keep your steering wheel stable when braking. The sets of lower and upper arms on your vehicle offset the impact of bumpy streets to the shocks and struts without knocking the passengers around. Thick circular bushings molded from rubber or polyurethane foam are fitted into the ends of the arms to cushion the contact between the vehicle frame and the hubs. Cracked arms or crumbly bushings hamper the wheel alignment recommended by the manufacturer, give rise to steering wheel quiver during braking, and cancel out any shock-absorption abilities of other parts.

What features do Chrysler PT Cruiser parts have?

A range of bracket designs can be bought for your vehicle one at a time or combined with other accessories.

  • Triangular lower PT Cruiser arms install on the front or back axle, and the passenger or driver side.
  • Upper Chrysler control arms are mounted above the lower set to create a double wishbone suspension.
  • Stock PT Cruiser parts are lightweight and compact, and support the original camber on vehicles of standard height.
  • Performance Chrysler parts specifically made for lowered PT Cruisers can be adjusted to make up for the degree modifications in caster and camber found on lowered cars.
  • Bumpers and bump stops are screwed directly onto the bracket or cradled in a cup above the bracket to prevent cracking any part of the suspension after driving over large holes.
What parts and accessories does a kit include?
  • OEM kits tend to contain standard washers, arm brackets, and ball-joint nuts.
  • Performance sets for low cars and joy riding may include adjustable arms, bumpers or bump stops, toe links, lubricant, and large bushings.
What are some tips for buying Chrysler PT Cruiser parts?

Learning how control arms work with your PT Cruiser suspension will inform your purchase of the replacement parts you need to make the repairs.

  • Buy accessories for the particular point of installation on your car.
  • Buy a PT Cruiser kit that has all the pieces necessary for the replacement, placing particular focus on part numbers.
  • Buy OEM components or performance parts.
  • Buy parts for your Chrysler PT Cruiser model year.