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Control Arm and Parts for Chrysler 300

Control arms, also called A-arms, are a pivotal part of the suspension on your Chrysler 300. They improve performance by absorbing vertical motion as the Chrysler 300 traverses bumps on the road. Replacing them and their accessories can improve gas mileage, increase the life of tires and brakes, and create a more comfortable ride.

When do you need new control arms?

A few signs your Chrysler 300 needs new control arms include:

  • Uneven wear: When tires begin to show uneven signs of wear, a damaged control arm is often the culprit.
  • Vibrating steering wheel: Vibrations in the steering wheel are another telltale sign. The vibrations are usually more pronounced at higher speeds. They might only happen while braking, as failing A-arms can cause the rotors to warp.
  • Banging noises: If you hear unexpected bangs whenever you go over bumps, this is another clear indicator that the control arms are not functioning properly.
What are the different parts of a control arm?

The term "control arm" often refers to a small system that connects to each wheel. In some cases, you may only need to replace one part of the whole. Other times, it will be necessary to upgrade all of its parts. A Chrysler 300 control arm's parts include:

  • Bushings: The bushings contribute to the control and handling of a vehicle. They actively absorb vibrations to soften the ride.
  • Ball joints: These are the joints between components in the suspension. They act much like the joints in your body and enable moving parts to connect.
  • Lower control arm: A lower control arm is frequently found in the front suspension of a front-wheel drive vehicle. It is the lever that stabilizes vertical motion on the wheel.
  • Upper control arm: Upper control arms supplement their lower counterparts on heavier vehicles.
Do Chrysler control arms need to be replaced in pairs?

It is not strictly necessary to replace Chrysler 300 control arm parts on more than one wheel at a time. If sudden or unexpected damage has stricken one wheel, the others may be fine. If your Chrysler has more than 90,000 miles, then it is worth replacing the control arms in pairs. The A-arms on the front and rear of the Chrysler 300 will rarely show signs of trouble in tandem, so just replacing two is fine. If the Chrysler 300 has suffered a harsh collision, it is a good idea to inspect all of the control arms for damage.