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Cadillac CTS Control Arms Parts

Both the Cadillac CTS coupe and the Cadillac CTS sedan provide a smooth ride, no matter the terrain, due in part to their great sets of control arms. These Cadillac CTS parts are perched on the underbody of the car, maintaining critical functions of the vehicle. Regular wear and tear or driving on rough terrain with the CTS may lead to the need for replacement of these parts.

What do Cadillac CTS control arms do?

Control arms in the Cadillac CTS perform three distinct tasks, all essential for ride stability and smoothness. Here are the three critical functions of the Cadillac CTS control arms:

  • The Cadillac's control arms ensure that the car's wheels and body stay in alignment even over rough or angled terrain. They do this by utilizing the heavy, durable metal arm of the system to maintain a strong connection between the body and the wheels at all times.
  • Another function of the Cadillac's arms is to allow for vertical movement of the wheels, rather than the body of the vehicle. They do this through the ball joints in each arm, which are parts designed to allow one type of movement while restricting others. This gives the car a smoother road feel and lessens jolts within the interior of the CTS.
  • The final critical function of the CTS control arms is to connect the auto body and suspension. The control arms reroute much of the road vibration into the auto's suspension rather than the body via its associated parts.
Where are control arms located in the Cadillac CTS?

Control arms are usually located right behind each wheel in the Cadillac CTS. In order to access the arms, you will need to remove the wheels individually.

What parts are used in Cadillac CTS control arms?

There are three major parts used in Cadillac CTS control arms and in most cars worldwide. When you need to replace your arms, you will generally find the three parts sold together as a kit. Here are the three Cadillac CTS parts and what they do for your CTS:

  • Arm: The largest part of the CTS control arm kit is the metal arm. This part maintains the connection between the Cadillac's suspension and body, keeping the Cadillac CTS stable and cushioned.
  • Bushings: Bushings are used to keep everything stable. They attach at all connection points of the auto's arm, making sure that every auto piece remains in the correct place. Control arms use three bushings in total.
  • Ball and socket: In order to allow the system to move vertically, a ball joint (or ball and socket) system is used. This is a small ball inside a fitted socket, which is then encased by a rubber or plastic seal. The ball rotates when the system passes over something rough in the road, letting the wheel move vertically. This movement is then transferred to the cushioning system.