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Audi A6 Control Arms and Parts

Audi launched its executive car, designated as the A6, in 1994 and then marketed the product across the globe in the following years. Audi engineers imagined a high-powered vehicle that outperformed anything in its class, and they created a robust launch control arm system to augment a healthy suspension that moves naturally. Overtime, like most automotive parts, the Audi A6 control arms and part may need replaced..

What purpose do control arms serve in a car?

Launch control arms connect your wheels to the frame of your car. At the location of connection with the frame, a launch control arm uses a bushing to allow pivoting. At the wheel hub connection, launch control arms have a ball-joint that allows flex and controls movement of the wheel. The launch control arm allows the wheel to move up and down while limiting location to keep them from moving forward or back.

Are there different types of launch control arms?

Yes. Many vehicles use an exaggerated “A” launch control arm for front wheels and a lateral arm for rear wheels. Off-road vehicles normally have an upper and a lower arm for each wheel, which supply extra stability over rough terrain. Cars meant for Interstate travel usually have a single arm for each wheel, providing a stable yet comfortable ride.

What type of control arm assembly is in an A6?

The Audi A6 model uses two A-arms for each wheel, for a total of eight A-arms. The A6 control arms do not have the exaggerated A-arm that many other cars use. The upper A-arm for both the front and rear wheels in this Audi have a small bend to enhance the flexibility of bushing and ball-joint parts. The Audi A6 lower arm is nearly lateral in order to provide the strength needed to hold the wheels in place. The reason Audi engineers chose this system for the Audi A6 is to compensate for the powerful engine capability built into the car while ensuring the adaptability of the Audi A6 for off-road, towing, and highway driving.

How many parts are there in a control arm?

Control arms have three principal parts in the Audi A6, each as important as the other.

  • The arm itself consists of heavy steel to resist bending under pressure.
  • The bushing that connects the arm to the frame allows the arm to pivot and provides some flex to reduce road vibration.
  • The ball-joint attaches to the wheel hub in the A6. It serves to support the weight of the A6 while providing a pivot point for the steering system.
When should control arms be replaced?

Collisions or other impacts may bend or crack the metal arm, throwing the suspension out of whack. When you feel more vibration from a wheel, then the likely suspect is the bushing. A sudden feeling of play in the steering wheel may indicate a ball-joint issue. The manufacturer recommends that you replace the entire control arm assembly when one of the Audi A6 parts fails because that failure has thrown added stress onto the other parts. It is also recommended that you replace auto parts on one side of the suspension and then replace the same parts on the other side as well.