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Audi A4 Control Arms and Parts

The A4 is Audi's luxury vehicle car line with models beginning production in 1994. A set of parts in the car that is often overlooked is the control arms, which lie on the underside of the car's body. These arms are very important for providing the silky ride the A4 is known for, but after approximately 100,000 miles, you may need to repair or replace some or all of these parts.

What are control arms for the Audi A4 made from?

The A4's control arms are made using three distinct parts, each with specific uses in the system. Without these three parts, the interior of your A4's cabin would be much less comfortable due to increased vibration and jolting.

  • Bushings: Since the arms are on the bottom of the Audi's body, located in the wheelbase, they need to be properly secured. They maintain their position using bushings. Three per arm is usually the standard with one at the ball joint and two at the other end.
  • Arm: The metal arm is the largest segment of the control arm kit, and it needs to be strong in order to maintain the proper distance between the wheel, suspension, and body at all times.
  • Ball and socket: The ball and socket part, also known as the ball joint, is the part that allows the Audi's tires to move rather than the actual body of the car. When the A4 passes over a bump, the flexible ball is able to move within a socket that's held in place with custom rubber or plastic sheeting. This means that the tire can then move instead of that bump being transmitted into the Audi's cabin.
When should you replace an A4's control arms?

A few factors can let you know when it's time to repair or change your Audi A4 control arms and parts with the proper control arm kit. Here are the most common.

  • Your car has between 90,000 and 100,000 miles on it. Generally, car arms have an expected lifetime of around this many miles. You should expect to change them at this point.
  • Your car begins to feel as if its steering is slightly off. Since the arms for the Audi maintain proper alignment, having them wear down can lead to slight driving problems.
  • Your steering wheel begins to vibrate. When ball joints or other arm parts get worn down, the tires can start to shimmy. This can lead to extreme amounts of vibration. If you experience this, it's definitely time to replace the arms.