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What You Need to Know About Contax T2 Film Cameras

A Contax T2 camera is a film camera with a wide array of options to choose from. There are a number of premium features to enhance your photography. Exploring the cameras and their add-ons will help you to shoot a variety of subjects to your specifications.

What kind of film does the Contax take?

The versatile Contax T2 camera takes 35mm film. This is one of the most common types available on the market and is commonly identified as 135. The film camera will accept color or black-and-white styles. Additionally, you can choose film with a variety of different exposure limits to take photos. When you shop on eBay, some of the buyers may even include film for you to use, creating a complete set for you to get started with your photography.

What are the focus options?

The Contax T2 will have a few different focus options in the settings. You will be able to make adjustments based on what you are shooting for the day. If you use a manual focus mode, you can control the focus on your own to determine what you focus on specifically. If you use an automatic focus mode, the lens will focus on its own.

Is the camera an SLR?

The Contax T2 is identified as a point-and-shoot model. An SLR (single-lens reflex) is a type of camera that allows you to remove lenses and replace them with other lenses. This camera body is not an SLR because the lens is permanently mounted to the Contax. This means that you are limited to how far you can be from your subject. The mm of the lens will also be identified within the product description so you know what to expect from the camera ahead of time.

What's included with the camera?

eBay sellers may include a variety of different products with the Contax. You will want to look at what the different listings have to offer. What's included will also depend on whether it's a new or used condition camera. Typically, you can expect cameras to include all or a combination of the following:

  • Camera case
  • Canisters of film
  • Carrying strap
  • Instruction manual
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