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Discover the Right Confocal Microscope

Whether you're replacing a broken confocal microscope or upgrading to a newer model, you likely have many questions about how to find the right option for you. Consider the following aspects and features of these microscopes before moving forward with a purchase.

How do you find the right confocal microscope?

To make a more informed purchasing decision, consider the following broad categories that relate to affordable confocal microscopes:

  • Viewer: How do you prefer or need to view the matter you are examining? Some of the microscope's viewer options are monocular, binocular, or trinocular, among other options.
  • Brand: There is a great deal of variability in the brand of confocal microscope microscopes; eBay lists over 11. A few include Zeiss, Nikon, and Olympus.
  • Intended use: There are roughly 13 different disciplines for which these types of microscopes may be used. Some of these include cosmetology, oncology, and chemistry.
  • Structure: The confocal microscope may be inverted or upright. Inverted confocal microscopes are better for micromanipulation tasks. An upright model may be preferred for live-cell viewing.
Should you consider a new or used confocal microscope?

You can buy new or used confocal microscopes on eBay. Whether you buy a new or used confocal microscope will depend on your needs, wants, and how much you want to spend. Buying a used confocal microscope can be a cheaper option rather than buying a new one, especially if you will not use the microscope often. Prices may range anywhere from under $750 to over $89,000, depending on features.

Some defining features of confocal microscope microscopes

When considering confocal microscopes, there are more distinctive features associated with different models. Vintage confocal microscope microscopes are a unique type of used confocal microscopes. You should consider how the size of the item will impact the efficiency in which you perform your tasks. Many times, the level of accuracy you will need for your project or study will affect your decision. Different models of confocal microscopes may also come equipped with different laser lights, filter cubes, light detectors, eyepieces, channel systems, and optics.

Differences between confocal microscopes with fluorescence detectors and those with laser lights

Reasonably priced confocal microscopes with laser lights are more common than those with fluorescence detectors. Laser lights improve optical resolution and contrast. Fluorescence lights or a more traditional form of lighting, and are often included as an option with different confocal microscopes. High-end fluorescent lighting models will allow you to see individual molecules.

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