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Condensers & Evaporators for Honda Accord

Condensers and evaporators are vital to comfortable driving. Your AC system needs both to dissipate heat and keep things cool, so take care to buy the right ones for your Honda Accord. It is important to know the differences and their functions as you move towards a purchase.

What do condensers and evaporators do?

A condenser captures heat in the car by filtering it through a series of tubes. As AC refrigerant passes through it, having becoming hot in the process of cooling the vehicle, the condenser sends that heat outside the car into the atmosphere. This unit works similarly to a radiator.

An evaporator moves the refrigerant through the air conditioning system, pulling warmer air from inside the car to its cool surface via a blower fan. It also assists in heat condensing, for as the warm air touches its surface, it reverts to water and drains out of the car. By funneling hot air and humidity out of the vehicle, the evaporator helps keep the car cool.

How long do condensers and evaporators last?

Though your car’s AC system is made up of several interworking parts, well-maintained air conditioning units are built to last. Condensers and evaporators can go many years without giving your trouble, even though they are in a vulnerable position near the front of the car. So long as they can produce and process colder air, they are most likely in good working condition.

How do you know if parts need to be replaced?

A condenser’s functionality is compromised when it no longer filters the heat out. This can lead to the air being warmer than usual, no cool air at all, or fogged-up windows. The cause is often attributed to leakage. Blockage from outside debris may also lead to a weak or nonfunctional condenser.

The evaporator can suffer the same problems, though it is more likely to experience leaking. Unlike the blockage a condenser may undergo, organic debris trapped in the evaporator breaks down instead of building up and sometimes forms material which reacts poorly with the unit’s cool surface. If you notice an unpleasant smell coming from the air conditioning, it might be a sign of this problem.

How do you choose the right condenser or evaporator?

The right condenser for your Accord goes hand in hand with the type of other components you have or plan to have, as they will need to attach to each other. Match the condenser’s entry and exit to the compressor and receiver-dryer respectively, and the units should work. Be sure to have the right refrigerant for your air conditioning parts, as well, since older models use different products.

Evaporators likewise are designed by manufacturers to fit certain systems and vehicles. Find those that match your Accord’s year and models to make the best selection. Also consider any additional specifications you’d like for the unit, like its weight or efficiency rating, as you browse your options.