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Ford F-150 Condensers & Evaporators

Ford F-150 condensers and evaporators are important items for regular function of the automotive air conditioning system in these trucks. Many evaporator and condenser items are available for a variety of Ford F-150 trims, so you can tackle a maintenance or repair project with proper equipment that's specifically built for your truck. Ford F-150 air conditioning parts are made with sturdy, commercial-grade hardware to keep the cool air flowing.

What automotive air conditioning equipment brands are available?

You can find condensers and evaporators by Denso, Four Seasons, Global Parts Distributors, Motorcraft, and other reputable brands. These brands make products that can be used during rebuilding, repair, and replacement situations. Ford also makes OEM replacement and repair components for Ford F-150 vehicles.

What is an air conditioner compressor?

The compressor is an important part of the F-150's air conditioning system that helps to ensure that you can enjoy steady, cool air in your truck. This part keeps pumping and moving liquid refrigerant through the A/C system. It is powered by an electromagnetic clutch through the serpentine belt. The compressor pressurizes and heats the refrigerant, gearing it up to run through the air conditioning system and drive the cooling of your truck. It is considered the heart of a vehicle's air conditioning system.

What is an air conditioner evaporator?

The evaporator is a heat exchanger in your Ford F-150's air conditioning system. The evaporator is located inside the passenger area, below the instrument panel. This aluminum device resembles a radiator and contains a series of tubes through which air can freely flow. Inside the evaporator, the tubes carry refrigerant. When warm air is passed through the device by the fan, the refrigerant inside the evaporator absorbs the heat from the air, helping to cool the vehicle. Humidity in the air condenses on the surface and drips away outside the vehicle.

Are evaporators and condensers durable?

Because condensers and evaporators are made with material that meets automotive industry standards, these components can handle general environmental hazards. A condenser frame is made from a durable metal. This metal strategically protects the condenser hardware from heavy dust and dirt, and the housing will continue to protect the hardware following light or severe rainstorms.

Can replacement condensers and evaporators increase fuel efficiency?

When an AC system operates in a Ford F-150 vehicle, the hardware pulls energy. As this happens, the automobile engine and electrical hardware speed up in order to distribute power to the cooling hardware. If a condenser or evaporator isn't in optimum condition, other automotive hardware will have to work harder in order to successfully cool the cabin, and this process could affect fuel efficiency. By swapping an old evaporator or condenser with replacement parts, you can help to protect your truck's fuel efficiency.