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Ford Aspire Condensers and Evaporators

Ford Aspire condensers and evaporators are parts of the car's AC unit. Each plays a vital part in keeping the car at a comfortable temperature for the driver and passengers. Following the Ford service plan and the manufacturer's maintenance guide will keep the parts working and extend the life of the Aspire AC.

What is the function of the Ford Aspire evaporator?

The Ford evaporator works with other parts of the Aspire AC unit by utilizing the refrigerant to cool the warm air it receives from the blower. The humidity is removed from the car's air, and it is condensed into the moisture that is found under the vehicle when the cooling system is on. The cooler air is expelled into the Ford interior.

What is the function of the Ford Aspire condenser?

The Ford condenser works with other parts of the Aspire cooling unit, acting as a heat exchanger for the car. The condenser takes the high-pressure vapor from the evaporator, cools it through a series of tubes and fins, and returns it to the high pressure fluid necessary to begin the Ford cooling process again, releasing the heat into the air.

What are the parts of the Ford Aspire air conditioning unit?

The Aspire cooling unit includes the following components:

  • Compressor: Controlled by the compressor clutch, thus part pressurizes the gas to heat and cool the air.
  • Condenser: The condenser dissipates the heat from the hot air and condenses it from a gas back to fluids.
  • Evaporator: The evaporator works in the opposite direction from the condenser, taking the heat from the liquid, returning it to a gas for use in the compressor.
  • Expansion valve: This valve controls the air temperature by controlling the flow of the liquid into the evaporator.
  • Dryer or accumulator: Serves as a filter for the system and keeps liquids and other contaminants from the closed system.
What are signs of a problem with the AC evaporator?

The Ford evaporator is an important part of the Aspire AC unit and can have a significant impact in cases of leakage or failure. The impact can be found in the amount and quality of the air coming from the system. If there is a reduction in the amount of cold air or if there is a strange odor noticed in the vehicle when the heat or AC are on, there is cause for concern.

What are the signs of a problem with the Ford Aspire AC condenser?

The Ford AC condenser is responsible for converting the hot air from the environment to the cold air from the AC. A problem with this part of the AC will have a clear impact on the comfort within the car. Damage to or failure of the condenser can be seen if the air coming from the AC vents is not cooled. Another indicator of a problem with the condenser is leakage. Over time, the refrigerant can leak out completely.