How to Find the Right Concrete Plant Pots for Your Plants

Creating a nice setting for your plants to be shown off can add ambiance indoors or outdoors. One great option for plants is new or vintage concrete plant holders or pedestals. There are different types of decorative concrete planters, and you are sure to find reasonably priced pots and pedestals that will work with your space and decor on eBay.

How well do seeds planted in concrete pots grow?

They grow very well with just a little prepwork. Be sure to use a concrete sealer to elongate the life of the concrete and to keep the natural salts and other alkaline items from leaching out of the concrete. After this, you can plant your seeds normally, making sure to keep the soil moist.

What different plants can you put into concrete planters?

Due to their materials and construction, these types of planters are ideal for various types of plants, which include:

  • Trees and shrubs: Concrete planters are great for trees and shrubs because trees and shrubs are top-heavy, so the concrete planter will keep them stable.
  • Staked or trellised plants: Plants that require stakes, such as tomatoes, or trellises, such as cucumbers, do well in large concrete planters. The concrete keeps them weighed down as they become top heavy over time due to growth.
  • Herbs: Many herbs have root systems that will take over an area. Concrete planters will keep them enclosed so the plants stay where you want them to.
  • Flowers: Flowers look great in concrete planters, and you can plant all types of flowers in these heavy-duty planters.
What different shapes of concrete planters are there?

Concrete factories have many different types of concrete planters come out of the batching plant, including a variety of shapes and designs that can add style to your porch, patio, or garden. Some of the different shapes include:

  • Animals: Many concrete planters are made in the shapes of different animals such as rabbits, elephants, and more.
  • Box: Box-shaped concrete planters are generally larger in size than other types.
  • Urn-shaped: Urn-styled planters are very decorative and come in many sizes. This type works for numerous types of plants.
  • Traditional: There are also concrete planters that just come in a traditional plant pot shape.
What is the difference between a concrete pedestal and a concrete planter?

Concrete manufacturers have created many ways to show off your plants using concrete-based products. A pedestal is made for a plant pot to sit upon. This is ideal for a plant that is vining so it has plenty of space for the vine to drape down. A planter is the item that the actual plant is placed in. This can create a pretty display, as many pedestals are decorative. Some look like columns and some have designs like scrollwork etched into them.